Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Whatever The Weather

Fascinating that a Courier Mail journalist uses the term moral challenge when referring to 'climate change' - not economic challenge, scientific challenge or technological challenge.

More and more 'climate change' is being talked about, it becomes readily apparent that this has less to do with unseasonal weather and more with the establishment of a quasi-religion.

Loaded terms such as the 'Goracle' and 'climate change denialists' are being bandied about while the medieval Papal-indulgence-style carbon off-sets being hailed as some kind of social imperative.

Despite noise to the contrary, human contribution to 'climate change' is far from proven.

The real moral challenge comes from those environmental luddites in the first world who, tell the impoverished third world that they can't have the modernisation and technology they need to reduce mortality rates, increase nutrition and live healthier.

-- Nora

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