Friday, May 25, 2007

Hardly Working

Feminists hail Labor leader Kevin Rudd for covering his own arse:

University of Sydney academic Catharine Lumby said Mr Rudd was forcing people to rethink their assumptions on the meaning of marriage... Veteran feminist Eva Cox of the Women's Electoral Lobby said ... "I think it's a refreshing change, because it just means it's a recognition that women are people in their own right, and that this will sometimes cause conflicts and cause tensions ..."

Tensions like owning a company that places its workers on disadvantageous contracts at the same time as her husband is seeking to leading the country by claiming the current leader disadvantages workers.

The feminists are on a hiding to nowhere on this one, except in their own little academic enclaves and between the tiny ears of the media. It all very reminiscent of the knots US feminists had to twist themselves into to excuse Bill Clinton for hitting on a young female intern.

-- Nick

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