Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wrong Formula

Eurocentric autocrat Bernie Ecclestone demands Melbourne hold its F1 race under lights or lose it.

"I would like to make sure we can watch (the race) in Europe and other parts of the world at a respectable time rather than having to get up at three or four in the morning."
Why not? Enthusiastic race fans on the other side of the planet have had to do that for years.

And for what? Watching a high-speed merry-go-round with the only excitement coming within the first half lap of the race? In the hopes that one might get to watch a prissy, overpreening driver having a hissy fit when he's overtaken in the only highlight of the race?

No wonder Champ Car racing is experiencing an interest throughout the world amongst those who truly enjoy motor racing.

Funnily enough, the Americans don't have a problem with watching the Surfers Paradise race which starts at midday local time.

Kurant CHAMPion
1 part Lemon Juice
2 parts Cinnamon Spiced Rhubarb Puree
2 parts Vanilla Ice Cream

Blend with crushed ice and pour into a chilled rocks glass.
-- Nora

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