Friday, May 04, 2007

I'd Just Take The Car Wash

A car wash in Brisbane run by former pimp and Fitzgerald Enquiry 'identity' Warren Armstrong 'offers a $55 car wash by a topless woman, and a $100 wash by a totally nude female attendant – which includes an X-rated show'.

The cops were worried about public decency but Armstrong is running the show in a closed shed and 'there had been no indication of wilful exposure, which is a criminal offence'.

However, Acting Premier Anna Bligh had more serious offences in mind and was relieved to learn:

The operation also was running on recycled water and therefore did not break current level five restrictions...
Presumably prompted by the reporter, Bligh added:

...the government fleet would not be using the car wash.
Pity really. It's a miserable existence in the Queensland Public Service.

-- Nick

Footnote: What an odd situation in present-day Queensland that two adults can arrange a commercial transaction in which she gets her gear off for his visual titillation and it's ok as long as she doesn't - ahem - spread 'em, which is the offence of 'wilful exposure', yet he can walk into a newsagency and, following a commercial transaction, obtain any number of magazines in which the aforementioned flash is taking place.

Just saying.

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