Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dumped Hoare Goes Back To Work

If Federal Labor MP Kelly Hoare was a battered wife, she'd be the kind of woman who'd take her licks and forgive him:

...dumped to make way for ACTU secretary Greg Combet... Ms Hoare said: "I'm pretty angry."
But not angry enough to do anything about it and so in the thrall of her abusive political partner that she would encourage others to take a beating too:

...she said she would not walk away from Labor, insisting she grew up with the party and it would always be "part of my life". She also encouraged other party members in her electorate, who had been stripped of their democratic right to elect their candidate, to remain with the party. "Hopefully we won't have a large drain of local members because we need them here to fight for local government elections and state elections," she said.
Meanwhile, hypocritical Lefties were going off in comments at the announcement:

(Prime Minister) John Howard will use his backdown on WorkChoices to unleash a multi-million-dollar taxpayer-funded campaign to counter the union-led advertising assault on the federal workplace laws.
They seem to think it's ok for Australian Council of Trade Unions Secretary Combet to spend more than $20 million of workers' union dues on an advertising campaign not so much:

...aimed at overturning WorkChoices aimed at overturning the Howard government, then be rewarded with a golden parachute into a safe Labor seat.

But it's not ok in their eyes for the PM to spend workers' taxes on a campaign countering the unions' lies in scare-mongering ACTU ads that are blatant electioneering and stamped with Combet's name, thus raising his profile mightily.

Would that every candidate had such funds to draw on.

The final word must go to Labor's dumped Hoare who is, at least, able to connect the ironic dots:

She said her sacking would put financial strain on her family... "If you knew that you were doing a bad job or that you could somehow be sacked, you'd have that financial consideration in mind," Ms Hoare said.

"But, when you're doing a good job and you don't anticipate it, particularly people in the Labor Party who are campaigning against unfair dismissal to sack you ... there never has been that consideration."
-- Nick

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