Thursday, May 10, 2007

Read All About It

One doesn't know whether to laugh or just shake one's head in dismay:

THE country's major newspapers, television and radio networks have joined forces to fight back against attacks on free speech in Australia.
Even if it were true, if the media just stuck to reporting news and 1. stopped editorialising in its news pages and 2. Stopped reporting on the fatuous, the grown-ups might take them seriously.

I suspect also this is part of the death throes of the old media, as blogging and video/audio podcasting disseminates news and information faster (and often more accurately) than the MSM.

Laugh outloud quotes in the story:

“New Zealanders can be trusted with information, but for some reason we can’t.”
And why would that be? Time to start navel gazing boys.

“We understand the difference between right to privacy and the public’s right to know,” Ms Flynn said.
Really? Since when?

Dissastisfaction with the media's performance in terms of its professional standards has been long well understood. Today, thanks to technology we get to make our own choices.

-- Nora

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