Sunday, May 06, 2007

Not Just Because There's Footage

How come this:

Doaa Khalil Aswad was a member of northern Iraq's Yazidi religious sect but, according to local officials, was murdered on April 7 by her brothers and uncles after she allegedly converted to Islam.
...gets on the front page of but this:
If they are found guilty, Mrs Sürücü's murder will be the sixth "honour killing" within Berlin's 200,000-strong Muslim community in four months.

Nor this:

Humaid contends his Muslim beliefs should be a factor because he killed his wife after she hinted she was having an affair with a business associate.
or this:

Two men murdered a six-year-old girl by setting fire to her house to warn her brother off a relationship he was having...
or this:

Ayesha Baloch was dragged to a field, her brother-in-law held the 18-year-old down, her husband sat astride her legs and slit her upper lip and nostril with a knife.
or this:

Having eloped, Zena was told by relatives that she and Jack had so besmirched the family name that they were 'walking corpses'. So seriously was the threat taken that in the intervening years they have received protection from Special Branch, two new identities and have moved house no fewer than 30 times.
or this:

Ajmal Butt Aziz, 24, is accused of murdering his 20-year-old wife Khudeja because she refused to follow Islamic tradition and wear a headscarf, according to the charge sheet published by the Corriere del Ticino newspaper.
-- Nick

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