Saturday, November 02, 2013

Why Not?

Why not indeed?

A teenager from Russia has sold her virginity for less than $30,000, it is reported.

Teenagers from the West sell their virginity for a whole lot less.

Ignoring The Obvious

Lesbian Portia de Rossi:

Not coming out had a very negative effect on Portia's life. The actress battled different eating disorders while she was starring in Ally McBeal from 1998 to 2002, and she believes they were symptoms of her hiding her sexuality.

Or perhaps the eating disorders were symptoms of her general mental disorder.

-- Nick

Sunday, June 02, 2013

It All Depends On How You Define Fascism

In Britain, the secular 'anti-fascists' say 'no to Islamaphobia':

'The crowd of anti-fascist protesters heavily outnumbered the BNP supporters. They held banners which read 'smash the BNP' and 'say no to Islamaphobia'.

In Turkey, the secular anti-fascists say 'no to Islam':

...crowds of protesters chanting 'unite against fascism' and 'government resign' marched towards Taksim, where hundreds were injured in clashes yesterday.
-- Nick

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh Deery

Is the Herald Sun's Shannon Deery a work experience kid with no editorial supervision or a non-native English speaker on drugs (with no editorial supervision)?

FRIENDS of a man who strangled his wife before burying her in their backyard unknowingly helped him build a new deck to cover the body, a court has heard.
'Unknowingly helped him build a new deck'?

In the days following his wife disappeared....
'In the days following his wife disappeared's disappearance'.

Instead she had lay buried in the backyard...
'Instead she had lay lain buried in the backyard' or 'Instead she had lay buried in the backyard'.

...covered her body with concrete and then built a new decking on top of the site.
'...covered her body with concrete and then built a new decking on top of the site'.

He said friends of Ahmadi unknowingly helped him carry materials to the area.
Unknowingly helped him carry materials?

Do newspapers have sub-editors anymore?

-- Nick

Thursday, May 09, 2013

No Comments Please, We're Gay

Australia's Courier Mail has not opened comments for this story:

A TOOWOOMBA doctor who has compared gay surrogacy to the Stolen Generations and claims "a gay person can stop being gay" has survived the LNP's vetting process and will stand as a candidate for Barnaby Joyce's Senate spot... Dr van Gend - who was vetted by the party's "applicant review committee" over the weekend - could prove to be the more controversial candidate. In June 2011, he wrote a column for The Courier-Mail comparing the Stolen Generations with what he called the "'gay stolen generation' of children forcibly deprived of a mother".
One wonders why?

Perhaps they don't want it pointing put that authorities are indeed exposing themselves and the public purse to abuse and 'stolen generation' style legal action by placing children with homosexuals:

A boy sexually abused by his adoptive father and his gay partner was labelled an ‘unruly child’ by social workers who ignored his complaints for years, a damning report has revealed. They sent Andy Cannon, now 23, back to the couple’s home despite his protests of abuse, praising the gay man who adopted him as a ‘very caring parent’.

The report accuses Wakefield social services, in Yorkshire, of ‘folly and gross misjudgment’. Mr Cannon, who was wrongly diagnosed with mental disorders and prescribed anti-psychotic drugs, believes he would have been listened to sooner if his adoptive father wasn’t gay. The case ended last year, after half a decade of legal wrangling, when a court ordered a £25,000 compensation payment to Mr Cannon.
And perhaps they also don't want readers asking the obvious question - if a heterosexual can stop being 'straight', why is it forbidden to suggest a homosexual can stop being 'gay'?

-- Nick

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Can You Spot The Pattern?

Honestly, how dim have you got to be?

AUSTRALIA faces at least a decade of debt until the billions in borrowings under Labor can be wiped from the Budget books, according to economists.

Treasurer Wayne Swan declined to comment yesterday on when he thought the current $144 billion net debt level could be repaid...

The Howard government took 10 years to pay down the $96 billion net debt inherited from Labor in 1996.

-- Nick

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Excited Journalist Reads Minds

Daily Telegraph journalist Phil Rothfield admits the Waterhouse-Singleton betting scandal story has got him all excited, injecting himself into the tale thus:

IT'S the biggest sporting stoush this writer has seen since the Super League war in the mid-90s.
Perhaps he needs to calm down a little.

Getting over-excited can lead to writing like this, a few paragraphs earlier:

(Channel 9 commentator Andrew Johns) said he didn't recall speaking to anyone but Singleton about More Joyous on the Saturday of the race.

His phone records showed otherwise. He'd in fact been in phone conversations with Hayson, former jockey Allan Robinson and Newcastle trainer Kris Lees.
And writing like that can get you sued.

Johns' phone records - unless all phone calls are being recorded by 'the authorities' now - show nothing 'otherwise' of the sort. That he shared phone calls with people does not indicate what they were talking about.

Legally, the journalist and his employer are teetering on the edge.

-- Nick

Tuesday, April 02, 2013



A teenage girl claims she was set up by BBC producers after unwittingly taking part in a documentary about bad driving.
Amy Smith, 18, said she was tricked into taking part after responding to an advert asking for ‘fun and confident groups of friends’.
The former private schoolgirl said she signed up believing it would be a reality TV series similar to ITV’s The Only Way Is Essex.

But to her horror, she was actually being filmed for a documentary about bad teenage driving - with cameras capturing her every mistake on the road. Her blunders will now be exposed in a series called Barely Legal Drivers, beginning tonight (April 2) on BBC3.
'Barely Legal'?

Given its culture, it's hardly surprising that the BBC borrows a phrase from the porn industry, a phrase with vaguely paedophile connotations.

-- Nick

Hating Your Way To Social Success

Conn Carroll warns of the next assault:

As the court was listening to oral arguments Wednesday, progressive blogger and former Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee member Chris Bowers wrote, "The step after victory in legal LGBT rights will be social ostricization of those who oppose it."
This is following the game play outlined by homosexual activists and marketing experts Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen in the 1980s.

Their book After The Ball was subject to review by another marketing expert, Paul Rondeau, whose paper on it is a must-read:

This comprehensive (12,000 words and 240 authoritative citations) work was first published in Regent University Law Review in 2002. It has since been cited before the Supreme Court of the United States, the United Nations, and in best selling books such as David Limbaugh's Persecution and David Kupelian's Marketing Evil. It has been translated and republished in Swedish, German, and Spanish.
More here (including a link to the Rondeau paper) and here from award winning journalist and author David Kupelian

The Rondeau paper has been mentioned in this blog many times before but it's never been more important to keep spreading access to it and making sure as many people as possible learn how they have been manipulated by some very clever marketing techniques that today are being recycled by others seeking to make fundamental changes to society.

-- Nick

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beautiful People

Aged hooker lusts after little boys and supports homosexuals being allowed to trawl the Scouts for fresh meat:

Madonna, whose attempts to decide what’s best for maintaining the innocence of childhood would turn any responsible parent’s stomach, spoke at the GLAAD Awards over the weekend and denounced the Boy Scouts for their exclusion of gay Scoutmasters and Scout members.

The Advocate for Innocence, dressed in an oversized Boy Scout uniform, intoned, “I wanted to be a Boy Scout, but they wouldn’t let me join. I think that’s fucked up. I know how to build a fire. I can pitch a tent … most importantly, I know how to scout for boys. I think [the Boy Scouts] should change their stupid rules.”

There's a direct line from this:

To this:

A teenage boy collapsed in court today as he gave evidence against a child soap star who allegedly sexually assaulted him when he was just 14-years-old.

The performing arts student, now 17, claims the actor molested him on a ‘weekly basis’ between August and September 2010 at their stage school in an attempt to prove to his girlfriend that he was bisexual...

'The defendant continued to text him saying he had to prove to his girlfriend that he was bi saying he wanted to "do it" with him. And he said that his girlfriend could watch.' ... he told him he had to prove [he was bisexual] because his girlfriend had been with a girl so he had to be with a boy.

Thanks Madonna and Britney and Elton and Bowie. What a wonderful world you've created.

-- Nick

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Always Get A Little Asian Chick To Stick Her Finger Up Your Bum

Colour me surprised that this story has been, effectively, buried by the leftist Australian media:

Mr Mathieson was acting in his capacity as a men's health ambassador when he encouraged the gathering - which included the West Indian cricket team - to get a prostate examination.

"We can get a blood test for it, but the digital examination is the only true way to get a correct reading on your prostate, so make sure you go and do that, and perhaps look for a small, female, Asian doctor is probably the best way," he said.

I can just imagine the outcry if a conservative had made a joke like this.

Back To The Dark Ages

Thanks to the assistance given by US President Barack Obama to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, this kind of vandalism:

Islamist extremists have set fire to a library containing thousands of priceless historic manuscripts as they fled French and Malian forces closing in on Timbuktu.

Without firing a shot, 1,000 French soldiers backed by 200 Malian troops descended on the ancient desert trading post, as they tried to cut off the escape of al Qaeda-linked fighters. But before they could be rounded up, the ragtag rebels scattered into the desert, torching homes, mosques and libraries, including the city's £16-million Ahmed Baba Institute, home to some 20,000 ancient documents on culture, science and geography, as they left.

...will be coming soon to the Cairo Museum, the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx.

-- Nick

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Fall of The American Empire

Steyn gets savage:

Nor was the late Christopher Stevens any old ambassador, but rather Secretary Clinton’s close personal friend “Chris.” It was all “Chris” this, “Chris” that when Secretary Clinton and President Obama delivered their maudlin eulogies over the flag-draped coffin of their “friend.” Gosh, you’d think if they were on such intimate terms, “Chris” might have had Hillary’s e-mail address, but apparently not. He was just one of 1.43 million close personal friends cabling the State Department every hour of the day.

Four Americans are dead, but not a single person involved in the attack and the murders has been held to account. Hey, what difference does it make? Lip-syncing the national anthem beats singing it. Peddling a fictitious narrative over the coffin of your “friend” is more real than being an incompetent boss to your most vulnerable employees. And mouthing warmed-over clich├ęs about vowing to “bring to justice” those responsible is way easier than actually bringing anyone to justice.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Falling Down

Drunk on power and wanting more:

... major donors--including billionaire George Soros (above), bailout beneficiary Citi and others--were approached by Obama campaign veterans to donate millions to Organizng for America, the president’s new 501(c)4 non-profit advocacy group. Under the tax code, 501(c)4 groups do not have to disclose their donors--a provision, ironically, that President Obama spent years campaigning against.

They justify the contradiction by insisting their money is for “good government,”, while money raised by conservative groups is “poison,”...

In addition to Organizing for America, the left has already welcomed another new left-wing organization, the Democracy Initiative... grown out of conversations between Greenpeace’s Phil Radford, the NAACP’s Ben Jealous, and the Sierra Club’s Michael Brune. They agreed to campaign for “three goals: getting big money out of politics, expanding the voting rolls while fighting voter ID laws, and rewriting Senate rules to curb the use of the filibuster to block legislation.”

What happens when you realise you're the bad guy? How a big a mental meltdown is that?