Sunday, June 26, 2005

Vodka Martini

Darling Nicky and I have been very busy on the blog this weekend, so we recommend that you prepare yourself a nice drink before starting.

This week we heartily recommend a Vodka Martini - it's sophisticated, smart and should be shaken, not stirred.

60ml (2 oz.) Vodka
2 dashes Dry Vermouth (use less vermouth for a drier martini)
Garnish with olive or lemon twist

Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

-- Nora

The Value of a Good Education

American students are beginning to quit Australian universities because of racist attacks.

No real surprises here - Australian universities, like their US counterparts, are hotbeds of left-wing socialist seething.

But sadly many other Australians who wouldn't countenance racism against the majority of others have always thought it was somehow acceptable to slur Americans.

Perhaps this is because of the love-hate relationship created by Australians' historical indebtedness to the US during World War 2.

Particularly since the Iraq War, anti-American sentiment appears to have been on the rise in Australia. However, appearances can be deceiving.

As in the United States, most conservatively minded people in Australia keep their own counsel in the face of unprompted ranting by the left-leaning.

And American visitors can take heart in a portion of a report on a state taxi association's decision to stop cab drivers foisting their opinions on passengers including mention of:

"...cases where, particularly after September 11, there were some taxis running around with anti-American slogans on them. They weren't put there by the owner of the cab, they were put there by the driver."

The very fact that this was worthy of mention infers there have been numerous complaints.

It may be that at last the conservative and Right-minded are becoming as vocal in noting a wrong as our Left-wing brothers and sisters have always been.

One hopes we don't descend into the gutter with them, however.

The university story notes that 'even female Australian students were verbally abusive'. Nothing new there, unfortunately, either.

One is reminded of an associate's country cousin who came to town to study and held a lecture hall door open for two female students. He was roundly and foully abused for his oppressive sexism.

Having learned his lesson, the following day he let a door swing shut in the advance of another female student whereupon he was roundly and foully abused for his bad manners.

However, such behaviour is a reflection of the immaturity and lack of manners often possessed of the left-leaning, particularly in academia and the public service systems, rather than one of the population as a whole

Incidentally, the term 'seppo' is abbreviated rhyming slang for 'Yank' and means 'septic tank' (a tank into which sewage is conveyed so it may sit and decompose to liquid for evaporation or flushing).


-- Nick

Strangling Debate

Australians' freedom of the internet took a further hit this week with the passing of laws forbidding the discussion of suicide techniques on-line.

What a News Limited item does not highlight is that earlier in the week it was noted that even viewing sites which detail methods of doing away with oneself will be illegal.

It's not the euthanasia issue that one, ahem, takes issue with. It's the slow strangulation of free speech on the web.

-- Nick

Forgive Me Father

In an interesting observation, media commentator Brent Bozell sums up one's own thoughts on the poor portrayal of fathers on television.

I always felt it began in the 1980s when Bill Cosby allowed his Cosby Show character, Cliff Huxtable, a successful upper middle class doctor, to descend into bufoonery in juxtaposition to his painfully righteous liberal lawyer wife.

-- Nick

Pride goeth before Oprah

My family includes a previous generation who, while admiring the antics of entertainers, felt that the star system was the end of Hollywood greatness.

'Turn them into stars and they'll think they own the galaxy as well', my dear grandpa Abe was found of saying.

As a girl I didn't think much too much about that as I eagerly awaited the next edition of PhotoPlay.

But I think grandpa has been proved right by the hissy fit performance of professional TV talker Oprah Winfrey this week.

Apparently while shopping in gay Paris, she found a darling little purse in Hermes that she simply must have. It was after hours and staff were setting up for a private PR do and so she was refused entry.

Demonstrating an extraordinary lack of quality manners, one of the world's richest women (does this say something about the nouveau riche?) announces that she was refused entry because of her skin colour.

Nonsense! Josephine Baker was welcomed in France with open arms and so too would Oprah if she'd displayed some good grace instead of believing her celebrity gives her an extraordinary privilege.

It once again proves that money doesn't buy you good breeding.

-- Nora

Currying Favour

One was previous aware of the restaurant called Handi Ghandi and its caricature of Mahatma Gandhi and had pondered the exact reason why, in this whinge-laden world, no one had yet complained and caused the place to change its cheekily amusing name and logo.

One suspected it was because Gandhi was a Hindu and perhaps they could take a joke. If the restaurant had been Allah's All You Can Eat with menu items such as Koran Korma, the place would have been shut down long ago.

Unfortunately, the media can't take a joke either and contacted the great grandson of Gandhi to stir up a story.

The restaurant has changed its logo but one suspects that won't be enough in the long run.

-- Nick

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Wooden Heads

Australian hostage in Iraq Douglas Wood has gone from hero to zero on his return from captivity.

In a distasteful display of partisanship, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and the left-wing mainstream media have condemned his selling his story (to the media!), saying he should use the money he makes to repay the Australian taxpayer for costs incurred in trying to secure his release.

Conservative Prime Minister John Howard told Channel 7 he didn't think Australian taxpayers would want him to repay the costs. Channel 7 responded with a phone-in poll that suggested 75% did.

While Seven's attitude may be partly influenced by the fact that they lost out on the bidding war for Wood's story to rival Network 10, a large part of the MSM's hubris and the sole reason for the ALP's has to be Wood's apology to PM Howard and US President Bush for saying nasty things about them under duress and his resounding endorsement of US-Australian Government policy in Iraq.

Nora may differ with me on a further observation, but one must state that the results of the Channel 7 poll also appear to reflect a growing meanness on the part of the Australian public, a meanness I attribute entirely to years of being under assault from mean spirited political correctness which appears to be rubbing off on them. Aussies, as they like to be known, used to enjoy cocking a snoot at the establishment. Now they are in danger of becoming it.

-- Nick

On the contrary, I concur entirely with my dear Nicky and would like to add a further thought with regard to Mr Wood.

Why shouldn't the poor man protect himself from exploitation (by the media) by hiring an agent to manage his new commodity (fame)?

After all, it is the media proprietors who will reap more in financial terms than Mr Wood. His alleged 'six figure sum' pales in significance to increase in circulation and ratings enjoyed by the media outlets who carry this man's remarkable story.

Those circulation and ratings figures, of course, dictate the advertising rates. Considering that advertising was a $9.1 billion industry in 2004 it seems somewhat churlish to begrudge the man a modest windfall when you consider what a mere 5% increase in ratings and circulation and its resulting flow on will net Mssrs Moguls in TV and Printland.

-- Nora

Oh, before I go. Must say I do quite like the G'itmo T-shirts I saw on sale at that nice Mr Rush Limbaugh's web site.

Although not fond of orange as a rule (it makes me look rather sallow), it's nice to see one can still have a sense of humour in difficult times.

-- Nora

Monday, June 13, 2005

Big Brothel

Let it be stated at the outset that while Nora and I enjoy a good party, we would never demean ourselves by watching that pinnacle of turgid reality television, Big Brother - or rather, Big Brothel, as it has come to be known.

We do have friends who are addicted to the program but we look kindly upon their lapse in judgement for they are good folks otherwise.

However, we found ourselves attracted to a story on

BB sex mystery
WHATEVER Michelle did in the bath of the Big Brother house, it seems that the viewers didn't much like.

As you know, Nora appreciates a mystery though I could manage as well without them. However, in this particular case, I too was attracted by the intrigue of what it was that Big Brothel viewers didn't like.

The story revealed:

Michelle was last night voted out of Big Brother just a day after she and Glenn, 21, allegedly ... um ... cemented their relationship in the bath of the rewards room...

What? Big Brothel viewers didn't appreciate what they've been hoping for since this tawdry entertainment began approximately five years ago?

Not actually. It transpired they found the contestant 'loud and opinionated'. reports the incident in a disingenuously coy manner - 'allegedly... um... cemented' indeed! Then Mr Murdoch's reporter goes on to sneer that reports of the alleged incident 'have unsurprisingly had family groups up in arms'.

Use of the word 'unsurprisingly' underscores the contempt with which the media holds anyone whose taste is not on a par with theirs, somewhere towards the bottom of the barrel.

Personally, we blame jazz music.

Nick and Nora