Saturday, June 11, 2011

Toughen Up, Princesses

Why is one surprised?

Dambusters dog to be renamed Digger for remake of iconic film... because N-word might offend Americans
The screenplay is being written by a personal recipient of the benefits of political correctness, homosexual writer-comedian Stephen Fry.

The film's producer is Peter Jackson whose Hobbit movie was held up for PC shaming last year when a black woman was turned away from an extra role as a white person. Jackson sacked the casting company concerned.

So wracked with PC angst is the 'n-word' that the UK Mail item twists itself into several contortions so as not to use it.

One wouldn't mind so much if black American rappers didn't use the word 'nigga' as a self-reference so frequently.

Meanwhile one is concerned that the dog in question's name - Nigger - is revealed to be on its grave at RAF Scampton. How long before some grievance-monger demands its removal?

While awaiting further developments, I may go and purchase the 1955 movie before they re-dub the soundtrack, edit out anyone smoking and insert a few scenes suggesting Dambusters leader Guy Gibson was homosexual.

Undoubtledly Mr Fry has considered the latter for his screenplay.

-- Nick

More Silliness

It's a much nicer, more compassionate world in which we live today.

One remembers a time when if you did this:

"The plaintiff sustained injury at the premises..."'d be wracked with shame at the fact that it happened:
"...whilst she was urinating from the veranda..."
...and have to take personal responsibility for your injuries.

Today, of course, you are not bound by these archaic societal chains and can feel free to blame others with claims that the verandah from which you were urinating and the fence onto which you fell were unsafe.

-- Nick

Lesbian Rapist Wins New Trial

She was jailed last year for two and a half years with a release date in March next year.

But why is being drunk still considered a defence against criminal charges?

...the jury asked for a direction on how it could use intoxication when resolving the issue of mistaken belief.
-- Nick