Monday, October 30, 2006

Bully Boys

The makers of the video game Grand Theft Auto, who want kids to be promiscuous (they inserted a hidden x-rated sequence into an edition of the game), now want boys to be bisexual:

...its latest schoolyard title Bully ... stars 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins, who must navigate cliques, fights and young love at his new boarding school, along the way winning brawls, completing missions and plying girls with candy and flowers in exchange for kisses.

But Jimmy can also use the same approach with boys. When Jimmy approaches a tall, blond boy with some flowers, the boy replies: "I'm hot. You're hot. Let's make out."
Looks like the video game industry has the Hollywood disease.

Meanwhile, the story also unintentionally highlights homosexual hypocrisy in accusing heterosexuals of being obsessed with their (homosexuals') sexuality. "Why can't they leave us alone? There's more to us than just being gay!" they complain.

But if that's the case, why the need for:
, a reader of which praised Bully.

If there's more to homosexuals than their sexuality, why are there gay gamer sites, gay hiking sites, gay skiing sites? Why a National Gay Pilots Association, a gay bikers club and a lesbian auto enthusiasts club?

Looks like sexuality comes second to every other interest in homosexual's lives. Maybe that's why they want 15 year old boys thinking about kissing other boys.

-- Nick

Sunday, October 29, 2006

One Or The Other

Expect the howls of protest to run loud and long as the Prime Minister announces a $90 million plan to introduce Christian chaplins into schools.


Perhaps you would prefer your child to be counselled by a Muslim mufti.

Or have no spiritual guidance at all.

Ineffective use of resources?

Not if it gives you the grace and compassion to deal with this:

FORMER security guard Karen Brown and the grandparents of the robber she killed have spoken of the power of forgiveness which has enabled them to form a special bond.

In exclusive interviews with The Sunday Telegraph, both sides in the shooting described how they have grown closer after Ms Brown was acquitted of killing William Aquilina as he bashed and robbed her.

Frank and Elaine Rasmussen, who shared their home with Mr Aquilina for eight years, said they have forgiven Ms Brown and even sent a touching sympathy card after her murder trial last month...

...Their faith and local Anglican church has helped them through their grief, they said.
-- Nora

YourSpace, Not Mine

MySpace is potentially Microsoft's most successful venture into online content. Providing free space for people to post pictures and blogs, make new friends and share pictures with existing ones, it's a major online community.

But one has to ask whether a major corporation should be associating itself with the criminals, freaks and losers who make up a large proportion of that community.

Recent uproar over a DVD made by a group of Werribee school students showing the rape and degradation of a mildly retarded girl and other criminal behaviour has opened up the MySpace can of worms.

The makers of the DVD, engagingly entited 'C*** - The Movie', appear to have MySpace profiles in which it is revealed today:

...on his personal website, a person claiming to be the film's producer declares: "You probably know me best by my f***** up, illegal movie, which I find funny and do not regret at all."
Another MySpace page (warning: language) suggests 'naming and shaming' the perps, has screen grabs from the DVD and has attracted an 'interesting' debate amongst a group of mostly illiterate MySpacers as to whether the 'producer' could be so stupid as to boast about his lack of shame. Other participants point out they were stupid enough to film a rape and sell video copies on DVD.

Following some of the links from the various MySpace pages is like taking a stroll through a sewer.

It also reveals repeated examples of the braindead stupidity of many page owners, such as this 16 year old girl who lists among her favourite activities the theft of street signs and includes not only some photos of her collection but also a nice close-up of her cousin in the act of stealing one.

Her photo slideshow also shows her and her other underage friends boozed to the gills.

And the makers of 'CTM' needed to seek out a retarded girl?

By the way, does ANZ know where its advertising is hanging out?

-- Nick

Buying Power

Columnist Piers Ackerman reveals more about how Bob Hawke and Paul Keating, among Labor others, sold Australia out to Islamic terrorists:

Prime Minister Bob Hawke's federal Labor government ignored several adverse reports on the activities of controversial imam Sheik Taj Eldeen Alhilaly, filed by Australia's foreign and domestic intelligence agencies, ensuring that he would be granted permanent residency.

Had it heeded the reports from both ASIS and ASIO, instead of pandering to the ethnic vote, Alhilaly would not be in the country now, still claiming to have been misinterpreted after spending 24 years delivering abusive and intolerant sermons to his followers.

...Alhilaly's name first surfaced in a report prepared by one of Australia's most senior intelligence assets in Cairo, towards the end of 1984, when the sheik was living in Sydney, though he had already overstayed his tourist visa... (the) report on Alhilaly drew upon information held within the files of the Egyptian intelligence service in Cairo and detailed his alleged activities at Lakemba Mosque.

The Egyptian government was interested in Alhilaly because of his membership in the extremist Muslim Brotherhood, an organisation that still preaches a visceral hatred of the West... They said there was a cache of weapons of military calibre kept at the (Lakemba) mosque and listed various items, including rifles and ammunition. It was not the sort of stuff farmers keep, the source said. The Egyptians' informants in Australia said the weapons were kept at the mosque because it was thought the authorities were unlikely to raid a place of worship.
Australian authorities still won't go near Lakemba Mosque, these days even when Muslim youths are openly wandering around the environs with guns, as they did during the revenge riots following Cronulla.

And members of the Australian Labor Party will still wilfully turn a blind eye to terrorists if it means keeping their vote.

Lakemba is NSW State Labor Premier Morris Iemma's electorate.

There's a bitter irony that 'Citizenship' is among Iemma's portfolios.

-- Nick

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Eyes Wide Shut

Who's Google searching for Australian actress Nicole Kidman the most?

Tehran comes out on top on Google Trends, a new service offered by the search engine that tracks interest in key searches to their city of origin. Beyond the Iranian capital, which is far and away the most prolific searcher for Kidman, other cities in her top 10 include Sydney, Brisbane, Istanbul, Toronto and Barcelona.
Of course, many of the searchers in Sydney et al would be looking for Nicky like this (caution: adult content) but one suspects her good Islamic Iranian fans are just hanging out to see her like this:

The Islamic Nicole Kidman. PhotoShoppery by Nick.

Prrowww! That's some hot cat meat!

-- Nick


To those who ask 'why this sudden hysteria about Islam?', the answer is it's not hysteria, it's valid concern, and it's not sudden:

Even before that, in 1982, the sheik (Hilaly) was causing ripples. The (NSW) Arabic community newspaper El Telegraph in July of that year reported a speech by Sheik Hilaly in which he said "the flesh of Australian women is as cheap as pigs' flesh". The paper attacked his comments and soon had to have guards protect the journalist.

Not long after, the El Telegraph office was badly damaged in a suspicious fire.
Yet high profile Australia Labor identities were willing to turn a blind eye to terrorism and the oppression of women for personal political gain. A few years later:

Prominent Labor figures Paul Keating and Leo McLeay "demanded" a ministerial colleague grant residency for Sheik Taj al-Din al-Hilaly. The two party leaders were furious when in 1989 then-Immigration Minister Robert Ray refused their requests, Labor sources said yesterday.

The sources said it was at least the second time they had sought to lobby on behalf of the controversial Muslim leader. The sheik has played a walk-on role in ALP affairs since he arrived here in 1982, with Mr McLeay being his strongest champion within the party.

Other Labor identities, such as NSW Upper House member Eddie Obeid, had been in the forefront of attempts to get him kicked out.

Sheik Hilaly did not get permanent residency until 1990 when Gerry Hand was Immigration Minister.

The sheik's case had been taken to Senator Ray in response to appeals from electorally powerful Islamic communities within Mr Keating's seat of Blaxland and Mr McLeay's seat of Grayndler (emphasis added).
To be fair to former Prime Minister Keating, it may not only have been threats from the Blaxland Muslim community that he would lose their votes. Keating may have felt a certain affinity with Hilaly.

After all, Keating knew the value of pig's flesh, at least in taxpayer's dollars. Keating also held in contempt the Australian population and women, including his wife, who he told he was leaving over the dinner table in front of friends.

-- Nick

Friday, October 27, 2006

The People Of The Book Cocktail Party

Nick and I, people of the book, living in what Sheik 'Ya Bootie' al Hilali might describe the modern day Sodom and Gommorah (the Gold Coast), open our doors to guests of that wonderful raconteur Mr Tim Blair.

So welcome to The People Of The Book Cocktail Party.

Some lefties might call us 'old fashioned' but rather we have a strong sense of history. After all, we appreciate that 'There's nothing new under the sun'.

Old Fashioned
2 oz blended whiskey
1 sugar cube
1 dash bitters
1 slice lemon
1 cherry
1 slice orange
Combine the sugar cube, bitters and one teaspoon of water in an old-fashioned glass. Mix well, add blended whiskey and stir. Add a twist of lemon peel and ice cubes. Add slices of orange and lemon and top with the cherry. Serve with a swizzle stick.
There are many differences between we people of the book and the Johnny-come-latelies from the 7th Century:

Camel Basher
1 part orange juice
1 part vodka
1 dash grenadine syrup
Add orange juice, vodka and grenadine. Mix thoroughly. The correct mix will give a drink which is between pink & orange in colour. Serve in a beer mug.
But there are a number of key differences. The most fundamental of which is we believe that Jesus is all he purports to be.

The Resurrection Cocktail (aka I See Dead People)
1/2 oz high proof rum
1 oz Absolut vodka
1/2 oz whisky
Serve in equal parts in a 2-oz shot glass.
And hey, you've got to love a Messiah who turns on the high quality plonk.

-- Nick and Nora

The Name Of The Game

Law Council of Australia President John North believes minors involved in making and selling a DVD of a girl being sexually assaulted 'should not be named and shamed':

"It's appalling behaviour, it's outrageous behaviour, but we shouldn't punish it with that feeling of retribution and revenge. We should try and make sure that people are punished properly if they commit a crime but that the rest of their lives aren't ruined..."
Why not? Used to work fine.

-- Nick

Sticks and stones...
What's worse: A young mentally disabled woman physically and sexually assaulted or some adults having to deal with unpleasant phone calls?

If you're Josephine Franklin, a teacher of the school at the centre of the scandal it's the latter:

"I can't tell you how bad it is," she said.

"The people in our office who answer the phones are having a terrible time.

"People are abusing them and screaming at them, but there is nothing we can do but go on.

"This is misdirected. It's misguided. It's cruel. It's ugly, and it's as bad, if not worse, than the original crime (emphasis mine).

"To treat people in this way is inhuman. The kids are scared to wear their uniform."

-- Nora

Monday, October 23, 2006

It's A Hard Life

Actress Jane Wyatt has died at the age of 96.

Of her workmates during the six years she played the mother on Father Knows Best, she's quoted as saying:

"We got along fine, but after the first few years, it's really difficult to have to face the same people day after day."
Indeed. It's called having a real job.

-- Nick

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Power Of One

Just back from Saturday at the Gold Coast Indy.

Gold Coast Indy Screen

Queenslander Will Power has pole position for tomorrow's race.

-- Nick

Update: Bloody French:

Sebastien Bourdais, who wrapped up his third title with a modest eighth placing yesterday, lost plenty of local fans by shunting out Australia's great hope Will Power mid-race. Power, who had led the race early, nursed his Team Australia Champ Car to 12th position.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Police Accidentally Quell Riot

NSW's Strike Force Neil Report into the Cronulla riots has found:

SENIOR New South Wales police let front-line officers risk their lives to quell rioting racists fuelled by vigilante text messages, sun and alcohol at Cronulla last Christmas... (a) damning assessment of an internal police review ... found the command structure failed, leaving officers on the ground to individually control the 5000 rioters...
No mention in the media now of events that also played a part:

(Mahmoud) Eid's alleged attack on three men on December 7 outside North Cronulla Surf Club came three days after an assault by men of Middle Eastern extraction on Cronulla surf lifesavers, the court was told. In a statement tendered to court, police said the December 7 incident had "caused tensions … to escalate" to the point that a race riot erupted at Cronulla Beach four days later.
It was ok when:

Two days of revenge attacks followed the riot.
The police command structure had figured out the correct approach:

The Seven Network said it had obtained a police incident report instructing officers to stay away from one of the areas - believed to be Punchbowl Park in Sydney's west - on Monday night.

The park is believed to have been the meeting place for scores of men who formed a vehicle convoy which drove to Cronulla unimpeded by police.

The network claimed the report showed some of those in the crowd were suspected of being Middle Eastern criminals who had been involved in malicious damage and civil disobedience offences throughout the Sutherland Shire.

The report is believed to have said "a direction was given to police about midnight not to enter the area and antagonise these persons".
Among those not to be antagonised was, allegedly, Mr Eid, who:

...would plead not guilty to three charges relating to a revenge attack at Cronulla on December 12, his lawyer said.
And so it goes.

-- Nick

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Traffic chaos in Brisbane reveals that the mental disease BPDS or Bjelke-Petersen Derangement Disorder still lingers among left-wing members of the media:

PARTS of Brisbane's main CBD expressway, built by Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen's Government three decades ago, have been closed after a crack in an on-ramp sparked fears it could collapse.

Brisbane traffic was thrown into chaos today after officials found a two-metre-long hairline crack in the Riverside Expressway's Ann Street on-ramp.
What exactly is the journalist trying to infer - that somehow the late conservative State Premier is somehow directly to blame?

-- Nick

Bloody Americans

A NSW magistrate thinks road rage is caused by watching American TV shows:

Deputy Chief Magistrate Paul Cloran said aggrieved motorists who turned to violence displayed the sort of vigilante-style justice espoused by such shows.

"This is a matter where you can say . . . people watch too much American television," Mr Cloran said.

"If you don't like what people say, you can hit them."
Obviously, the simple minded magistrate doesn't watch many of our 'quality' home grown shows which are equally packed with punches.

Instead, seeking an easy answer to a complex problem of which the magistracy is a part, he plays Australia's most popular race card, blaming Americans for the 65-year-old Aussie aggressor's lack of self control.

Heck, why not go all the way and blame the Jews too? Players from the Ocean Grove Football Club do.

-- Nick

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Guess who gets a sexual harrassment settlement of $6000.

The woman who 'suggested staff play strip poker, offered to take a workmate home and "make a man of him", pinched men's bottoms and made vulgar remarks' or the men whom she harrassed?

I bet you guess wrong.

-- Nora

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Welcome To Australia

Tomorrow's news will reveal this:

A woman has been stabbed to death and her 49-year-old husband seriously injured in a domestic dispute on the Gold Coast... The couple's 19-year-old daughter was treated for minor injuries.
to be a Muslim honour killing gone wrong.

The woman was killed by her husband after she stepped between him and her daughter, who had converted to Christianity.

-- Nick

UPDATE: Story confirmed:

The Gold Coast Bulletin:

A PLANNED conversion to Christianity from Islam is understood to have triggered a frenzied domestic dispute that led to the death of a Muslim mother on Monday night.

Bangladeshi-born Dr Muh-ammad Hussain, 49, remains under police guard in a critical condition in the Gold Coast Hospital as police piece together the circumstances leading to the death of his 41-year-old wife, Yasmine.

The Courier Mail:

A RELIGIOUS feud between a Muslim father and his teenage daughter may have sparked a bloody domestic dispute on the Gold Coast which left the man's wife dead and him fighting for life in hospital.
-- Nora

UPDATE II: A new theory of the crime, supported by today’s Gold Coast Bulletin:

The mother was escaping from Islam by proxy. Amazingly she had persuaded her husband to send their daughter to a Christian school in Adelaide. We posit that when the daughter announced her apostacy, the father demanded that his wife kill the girl as her ‘crime’ was the mother’s fault. The mother, tried and hesitated, then stabbed the father, possibly in self defence as he tried to take the knife and finish what his wife started.

-- Nick and Nora

Sunday, October 08, 2006

When Atheists Attack...

... intelligent men like author and film critic Michael Medved have this to say in response:

Why, then, the current paranoia over the often exaggerated prominence and power of religious conservatives? In “Letter to a Christian Nation,” Sam Harris unwittingly provides the answer. Addressing his believing fellow citizens, he dramatically declaims: “If the basic tenets of Christianity are true, then there are some very grim surprises in store for nonbelievers like myself. You understand this. At least half of the American population understands this. So let us be honest with ourselves: in the fullness of time, one side is really going to win this argument, and the other side is really going to lose.”

Mr. Harris, in other words, seems to worry that people assume he’s bound for damnation and an eternity of regret because in one tiny corner of his mind, at least, he fears they may be right. In the argument he describes, it’s not possible that Christian believers are “really going to lose.” If Mr. Harris is right about humanity and materialism, then there will be no sense of regret or despair if religious people fail to reach heaven after death. If we are, indeed, just spiritless chemicals and soulless matter, then we won’t be around in any sense to feel remorse over a life wasted in prayer, religious fellowship, love of family and good deeds. When he suggests that one side is “really going to lose” he can only have his own side in mind.
-- Nora

What Disaster?

The London Times reports that Australia's wine glut is a disaster and:

Australia simply doesn’t have the local demand, or population, to drink the growing wine lake.
But, by God, we're trying.

-- Nick

No Joke

In the US, they joke that a Republican is a Democrat who's been mugged.

Same goes for the UK:

In the week when the word “yob” was banned by Scotland Yard because it might “alienate” teenagers and injure their tender feelings (oh boo hoo), Stevens Nyembo-Ya-Muteba, 40, was murdered by a gang of “youths” outside his flat in Hackney, east London...

There are unsettling moments when I feel myself turning into a rabid old-school Tory, and this is one of them. What’s with the pathetic, weedy nonsense from Scotland Yard about hurting yobs’ feelings, when stories such as Stevens’s have, shamefully, become commonplace? Who cares about their feelings? I don’t. I couldn’t care less. I don’t care how hard their lives are: I don’t expect Stevens’s life in Kinshasa was much of a picnic either but at least he was doing his best to better himself to make a new life for his family. And I am so tired of the stupid liberal notion (held by me for decades) that gangs of hoodies are all gigantically deprived and thus need our pity, love and support, rather than our approbation. What they need, actually, is to be locked up.
-- Nick

Sunday Sermon

The Roman Catholic Church Vicar General Monsignor David Cappo slags off at Adelaide:

"I don't know about other cities but, by God, we have a huge dose of racism and nasty discrimination in Adelaide," he said...

In a veiled reference to young Anglo-Saxons, Monsignor Cappo said: "They are very harsh to Asian communities. Now the Muslims are going to get it as well... Unless good people continue to stand up, we will see increased violence and prejudice and nastiness."
Such as shooting elderly nuns and calling for the execution of The Pope.

-- Nick

Blowing Smoke

Among the more ludicrous aspects of anti-smoking legislation recently introduced in Queensland is that most of the check-out operators in a local supermarket are banned from serving customers with 'smoking products' because they're under 18.

They can't even sell a packet of cigarette papers - but they're still allowed to stack the shelves with cartons of cigs.

-- Nick

Archbishop Obsessed

Anglican Archbishop of Perth Roger Herft laments:

...that many of the alarmist claims by One Nation's former leader, Pauline Hanson, a decade ago had now become accepted political rhetoric (and) urged the community to move away from "the mean world fuelled by fear".
Absolutely, Archbishop. Perhaps we should embrace the Chinese proverb - 'when rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it'.

The Archbishop:

...also fixed his aim on the church, criticising its obsession with sex.

He said issues such as the blessing of same-sex couples, having homosexuals as church leaders and the ordination of women had dominated church debate, creating rifts between members of the faith.

Archbishop Herft said it was "ironic and unedifying" that the Anglican communion was preoccupied with sex when there were other more significant events competing for attention.
What he actually means is that if you object to the English-speaking Church of England's obsession with mainstreaming homosexuality, then you're obsessed with sex.

And damn those pesky darkies who have better morals than we.

-- Nick

So That's How Stupid You Think I Am...

Sydney Morning Herald journalists believe the less information you have about criminals, the easier it'll be to catch them.

Seems they're up to their old tricks of editing descriptions of Middle Eastern ethnicity out of police reports, as Tim Blair reveals:

SMH: '...was described as thin with broad shoulders and a goatee beard, wearing a blue baseball cap, a white long-sleeve hooded jumper and grey tracksuit trousers with a yellow stripe down each side.'

Police: ' described as being of Middle Eastern appearance, aged about 25 or 26, dark complexion, 178cm to 183cm, thin build with broad shoulders and a goatee. He was wearing a blue baseball cap with white writing on the front, a white long sleeve jumper with a hood and grey tracksuit pants with a yellow stripe down each side.'

When Blair calls them on it, the SMH has the affrontery to claim describing a suspect's ethnic background 'hardly narrows it down and serves no purpose' in enabling witnesses to recognise them.

Except when they're:

a man described as being of white/European appearance
-- Nick

The Law? It's Only A Rough Guide

Looks like once Australian journalists read how Muslim cabbies at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport were refusing to take passengers carrying alcohol in their luggage, they did some digging around in Victoria and learned:

MUSLIM taxi drivers are refusing to carry blind passengers with their guide dogs or anyone carrying alcohol. At least 20 dog-aided blind people have lodged discrimination complaints with the Victorian Taxi Directorate. Dozens more have voiced their anger. And there have been several complaints that drivers refuse to allow passengers to carry sealed bottles of alcohol.
Once again it appears the law of the land:

...there was a legal requirement for taxi drivers, shops, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets to accept guide dogs.
is thought worth less than Sharia law:

There are about 2000 Muslims among drivers of Melbourne's 10,000 taxis. Many are from countries with strict Islamic teachings about "unclean" dogs and the evils of alcohol.
Opposition transport spokesman Terry Mulder thinks:

...the guide dog issue would exacerbate the taxi industry's flagging respect in the community.
Don't think so. More likely it will exacerbate multiculturalism's flagging respect in the community.

Meanwhile, back at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport:

(Eva) Buzek, (a) flight attendant, said she was refused service in March after she told a driver to be careful with her suitcase because it had wine in it. Other drivers in the taxi line passed the word, she said, and four more refused her service. A dispatcher finally steered her to a driver who would take the fare.

Buzek, who grew up in Poland, said her treatment goes against American values.

"I came to this country and I didn't expect anybody to adjust to my needs," she said. "I don't want to impose my beliefs on anyone else. That's why I'm in this country, because of the freedom.

"What's going to be next? ... Do I have to cover my head?"

-- Nick

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Queensland Conservatives Camp Out

The Queensland Conservative parties continue their slow public suicide as Federal Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull signs up to support homosexual marriage, Queensland Liberal MP Warren Entsch prepares to table a private member's bill to force government departments to remove discrimination and Queensland Liberal MP Peter Lindsay supports the reforms.

Meanwhile, homosexual Big Brother contestant David Graham has nominated for the role of state secretary of the Queensland Young Nationals and is getting some support:

Queensland Young Nationals state president Damien Tessman said he would be happy to work alongside Mr Graham but admitted some party members would not support his views on same-sex couples.

"Some people have got their backs up as you could imagine, we are a conservative party and it's not going to be turned on its head overnight, but there are people there who support him as well," he said.
-- Nick

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Hypocrisy Of Nine

The Hypocrisy of NineAt the top of the show, The Nine Network's A Current Affair takes (rival Network 10's) Australian Idol judge Kyle Sandilands to task for, among other childishly inconsequential things, telling a contestant to hide her 'jelly belly' and even runs a survey on whether he should be sacked.

At the 'bottom' of the show, pumping out the kind of fashion/consumer affairs pap it's better qualified for, ACA tells us:

Everything you need to know about jeans...
and host Tracy Grimshaw and her producers don't see the hypocrisy in the promoting the words of Nova radio host Biana Dye, who is:

... a jean junkie and her main rule when it comes to buying jeans is avoid the muffin top.

"There is nothing worse than seeing the muffin overhang, I don't care how old you are. And that is when the jeans is so tight around the waist that you have a bit of fat that hangs, like a balcony shall we say, over the jeans. If you've got the muffin overhang either wear a really long t-shirt or don't wear them," Bianca says.
In other words, lose the jelly belly.

Hypocritical mongs...

-- Nick

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Accessory After The Fact

New South Wales' Ingsoc Party has decided to emulate Airstrip One and install 'London-style' high definition closed circuit surveillance on its major train stations:

More than 280 new high-resolution cameras will be rolled out to complement the 6,000 CCTV cameras aleady operating across the CityRail network.

The cameras, which give a highly detailed picture, will give police much better close-up images of suspects and offenders than current technology, which only provides a silhouette and a general description of a subject.
They won't actually prevent any crimes, much less terrorism. They'll just be able to tell you what shoe company logo was on the suicide bomber's t-shirt.

-- Nick