Sunday, June 28, 2009

Balls In The Air

THE AFL Players' Association is funding counselling sessions for a woman who claimed to have had sex with up to 200 elite players.
Surely chiropractic treatment would be more appropriate.

She said players kept in regular contact with her and she admitted to sometimes engaging in group sex with them.

She said she was not abused, had always engaged in consensual acts and had not suffered as a result of her lifestyle.
So why the counselling? Unless she provided her services for free, in which case she needs a business coach, not a therapist.

Women's Forum Australia spokeswoman Misty de Vries said the issue, and the latest John Elliott controversy, were further proof players had not shown enough respect towards women.

"It highlights again that even with apparent consent there is a need for more integrity towards women," she said.
Ah yes, in the feminist's disordered thinking 'yes' actually means 'no' unless signed by a notary public.

Amy also declined to comment.
It's also not known whether the notary public also participated in the group sex with feminists.

Either way, society is screwed.

-- Nora

Monday, June 22, 2009


The BBC says the corporation has:

... an "unequivocal" commitment to religious broadcasting and... Christians, as the majority UK faith, would remain its central audience.
That must be why they have appointed a Muslim, formerly with Channel 4, as Head of BBC Religious Broadcasting.

The Church of England reacts typically too gently and, probably, too late:

"Many of the Channel 4 programmes concerned with Christianity, in contrast to those featuring other faiths, seem to be of a sensationalist or unduly critical nature," wrote Nigel Holmes, a Synod member... From this point of view it is worrying that the Channel 4 religion and multicultural commissioning editor, Aaqil Ahmed, who is a Muslim, is soon to be responsible for all the religious output from the BBC."
It takes a comedian and former kid's show host to not pull his punches:

Don Maclean... who hosted Good Morning Sunday for 16 years, said the broadcaster was 'keen' on programmes that attack the Christian church... "you don't see any programmes on Anglicanism that don't talk about homosexual clergy and you don't see anything on Roman Catholicism that don't talk about paedophiles. They seem to take the negative angle every time. They don't do that if they're doing programmes on Islam. Programmes on Islam are always supportive.

"I'm not against anybody's right to practise their religion and I think we need to talk sensibly to people who practise the Islamic religion... the last thing we want is war on the streets... we need all the moderate Muslims to stand up and be counted."

He added: 'They're all in private telling you how dreadful they think Islamic terrorism is, but they're not forming together in a group and standing up against it. But it's as big a threat as Nazism was in the 1930s when Germans stood back and didn't stand up against that, and if they had maybe the Second World War wouldn't have started."
-- Nick

Thursday, June 18, 2009

'You can learn from dead things, you know.'

You've got to laugh at the thought that one of the 'greatest' rock musicians evah wasn't really popular enough to make it on his own merit:

(Manager) Jeffery was so poor he had to borrow money from his parents to fund Hendrix's gigs, so it was vitally important to his strategy that Jimi's records sold. To make sure they did, Jeffery bought hundreds of copies to boost their performance in the charts.
Seeking to boost the performance of his book, a former roadie airs long-standing claims the whacked-out guitarist was murdered.

Fall or push, looks like it was a good career move.

-- Nick

Monday, June 08, 2009

Wax On, Wax Off

To hide the embarrassing facts about Kung Fu David Carradine's undignified death, the family, rather than attempting the usual schtick of positing suicide as a possibility, has instead turned to the fantastic:

KUNG-FU cult hero David Carradine may have been killed by a secret society of martial arts assassins, his family's lawyer claims.

The New York Post reports Mark Geragos suggested Carradine may have been attempting to uncover groups working in the martial-arts underworld at the time of his death.
It seems like the late David Carradine isn't who engages in masturbatory fantasies.

-- Nora

Can't Connect The Dots

They're not journalists because they're bright:

Police arrested 65 revellers for drug offences on their way into the Winter Sound System dance party... Despite the arrests, Acting Inspector Martin Tynan said police and ambulance crews were thrilled with the behaviour of the 17,000 strong crowd. (emphasis added)
Co-writers Antonia Magee and Anne Wright of the Herald Sun miss the obvious even when it's stated directly:

"It has been very quiet. Everyone is very happy with the crowd's behaviour," Inspector Tynan said. “In view that 17,000 people were in attendance and at this stage there are no reported overdoses, then from a harm minimisation perspective we must consider this operation a success,” he said.
It's not despite the arrests, it's because of them.

-- Nick