Thursday, May 09, 2013

No Comments Please, We're Gay

Australia's Courier Mail has not opened comments for this story:

A TOOWOOMBA doctor who has compared gay surrogacy to the Stolen Generations and claims "a gay person can stop being gay" has survived the LNP's vetting process and will stand as a candidate for Barnaby Joyce's Senate spot... Dr van Gend - who was vetted by the party's "applicant review committee" over the weekend - could prove to be the more controversial candidate. In June 2011, he wrote a column for The Courier-Mail comparing the Stolen Generations with what he called the "'gay stolen generation' of children forcibly deprived of a mother".
One wonders why?

Perhaps they don't want it pointing put that authorities are indeed exposing themselves and the public purse to abuse and 'stolen generation' style legal action by placing children with homosexuals:

A boy sexually abused by his adoptive father and his gay partner was labelled an ‘unruly child’ by social workers who ignored his complaints for years, a damning report has revealed. They sent Andy Cannon, now 23, back to the couple’s home despite his protests of abuse, praising the gay man who adopted him as a ‘very caring parent’.

The report accuses Wakefield social services, in Yorkshire, of ‘folly and gross misjudgment’. Mr Cannon, who was wrongly diagnosed with mental disorders and prescribed anti-psychotic drugs, believes he would have been listened to sooner if his adoptive father wasn’t gay. The case ended last year, after half a decade of legal wrangling, when a court ordered a £25,000 compensation payment to Mr Cannon.
And perhaps they also don't want readers asking the obvious question - if a heterosexual can stop being 'straight', why is it forbidden to suggest a homosexual can stop being 'gay'?

-- Nick

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