Tuesday, April 02, 2013



A teenage girl claims she was set up by BBC producers after unwittingly taking part in a documentary about bad driving.
Amy Smith, 18, said she was tricked into taking part after responding to an advert asking for ‘fun and confident groups of friends’.
The former private schoolgirl said she signed up believing it would be a reality TV series similar to ITV’s The Only Way Is Essex.

But to her horror, she was actually being filmed for a documentary about bad teenage driving - with cameras capturing her every mistake on the road. Her blunders will now be exposed in a series called Barely Legal Drivers, beginning tonight (April 2) on BBC3.
'Barely Legal'?

Given its culture, it's hardly surprising that the BBC borrows a phrase from the porn industry, a phrase with vaguely paedophile connotations.

-- Nick

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