Sunday, July 17, 2005

Why Not Say What You Really Think

Jonah Goldberg makes some excellent points about the reticence of ordinary Muslims in roundly condemning the London terrorism in the name of Islam:

"The scandal wasn't that there was a "backlash" against the Muslim community. It is that there wasn't more of a backlash within the Muslim community. We now know that the attackers were British born and raised Muslims. Yet there's precious little evidence that the Muslim community is eager to turn on the enemy within with any admirable enthusiasm."

However, in giving the terrorists credit for:

"...the fact that the city was pleasantly empty was perhaps the best proof that the "7/7" murderers had some of their intended effect. This was a Friday in a normally bustling city, and many Londoners simply opted to wait until Monday before trying the bus or subway again."

he appears to have missed the request by British authorities late on the day of the bombings for central London workers to stay home on the Friday so investigators could do their work.

Kathleen Parker also makes some similar points.

-- Nick

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