Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mr Death Comes About The Reaping

Britons are currently askance at how they came to possess homegrown Islamofascist terrorists and suicide bombers.

However, these types have had fertile soil in which to grow, nourished by a very particular fertiliser.

The saying goes that 'the path to hell is paved with good intentions' and so it is that multiculturalism as an ideology of the West sprouted from attempts to combat the scourge of racism.

No intelligent person can possibly deny that it is inherently unjust to judge another person on the basis of their race (unless, of course, they are French).

However, this was extended over time - rather like the dripping of water on the stone or the raising of the temperature of the water around the frog - to grow first to tolerance of all aspects of behaviour and belief of alien cultures then to mandated embracing of everything from the most benign to the utterly repugant of things and people different.

Multiculturalism in itself is not evil, in fact it is a natural evolution of things. It has brought us the gloriously mongrel culture which is the now astounded - to borrow a phrase of their own: gobsmacked - British and created a culture which calls itself Australian and enjoys everything from line dancing to souvlaki.

It was my own dear Nora who coined the phrase 'Austrralians are multicultural through their stomachs', an observation based on the way in which immigrant influxes have won the heart of a people which once endorsed the White Australia policy by introducing them first to their traditional foods and then to their sons and daughters.

But what must be highlighted is that their Australian born sons and daughters were Australian, often with parents' blessings, sometimes defiantly so in the face of parents' dismay at the loss of values held dear 'in the old country'.

The society around them encouraged their assimilation into a unified whole, demanding adoption of established common values at the same time as growing stronger from the positive aspects of different cultures which had the intrinsic worth to survive the mill of assimilation.

Thus, judging people for who they are, not what they are has become part of being Australian; mutilating the genitals of young women has not.

However, in the morally relativistic world of ideological multiculturalism, the very governments of Australia and the rest of the Western world have deemed it acceptable - nay, preferable - that one clings to one's cultural 'identity', mores and practices as a drowning man to a straw despite the fact that one is already in the lifeboat that is the country one has emigrated to.

As a result, one ultimately garners at the thin but no less distasteful end of the wedge, Lebanese youths in Australia who think it is fine sport to gang rape white Australian girls and, at the fatally extreme, the born and bred Yorkshire lad who catches a one way to London to blow himself up in the belief that mass murder of his infidel fellow countrymen will be rewarded in some perverse vision of heaven.

Monoculturalism got, to borrow a phrase from my East Side friend Bugsy, 'a bad rap' when the fledgling PC movement determined that it represented racism.

However, monoculturalism is a societal recognition of a behaviour naturally instilled in us - the fear of the different.

And the different is to be feared for good reason until it has proven itself not to be apt to poison, burn or sting us. Or blow itself to pieces two feet away.

By ignoring, willfully, dreadfully so, the fear of the different, we have planted and tended the growth of terror in our midst.

The sudden rising of 'homegrown' terrorists whose values are completely alien to what we thought represented those of our entire community is the beginning of the end play of multiculturalism unleashed.

It is not at all the sunshine and rainbows envisaged by its naive perpetrators, who while they were telling us we could live in harmony with all creeds, forgot to tell or even ask the other creeds.

It is more like a bloody hell into which Europe as a whole may soon find itself descending.

-- Nick

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