Friday, July 22, 2005

Cocktail of the week

In honour of the international praise being heaped upon our Prime Minister John Howard for his forthright and logical response to the myoptic 'it's all about Iraq' media questions, we decided on this rather patriotic cocktail:

The Great Barrier Reef

60 ml Gin
30 ml Contreau
Dash Angostura Bitters
2 scoops Vanilla Ice-cream
Dash Blue Curacao

Pour all ingredients into a shaker, shake, then pour into a highball glass.

Mr Howard: The objective evidence is that Australia was a terrorist target long before the operation in Iraq, and indeed all the evidence, as distinct from the suppositions, suggest to me that this is about hatred of a way of life, this is about the perverted use of the principles of a great world religion that at its root preaches peace and cooperation, and I think we lose sight of the challenge we have if we allow ourselves to see these attacks in the context of particular circumstances, rather than the abuse through a perverted ideology of people and their murder.

Mr Blair: I agree 100% with that.

So do we.

-- Nora

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