Saturday, July 09, 2005

Only the Strong Shall Survive

One was distinctly heartened by the mostly defiant if not occasionally cheerful reactions of survivors and witnesses to the recent London terror bombings.

However, one tube train survivor's response left one in no doubt that his PC peevishness had also survived intact.

This besuited and watery-eyed wimp bleated and moaned his way through a litany of complaints about how emergency response was quick enough.

One thought at the time that the 'gentleman', whose appearance was disturbingly alike that of former Australian Prime Minister Paul 'The Undertaker' Keating, might not appreciate just how much else was going on in the immediate area.

But when asked if he had an opinion on who might have been to blame for the blasts, he revealed his true self with the following (approximate) response: "Oh, I'm a barrister - I couldn't possibly attribute blame without being in possession of more facts and weighing up the evidence."

Having been so quick to blame his own people for not rescuing him quickly enough for his own tastes, he was exceedly speedy in suddenly wishing to apply rules of fairness to the miserable bottom feeders who perpetrated this heinous crime.

Lest one feel tempted to inveigh against yours truly with suggestions that I am being less than sympathetic with a man who was obviously, if only to a point, in shock at witnessing scenes of carnage, I can assure you that I have indeed attended events which left human beings looking like poorly butchered meat.

I can clearly recall the look on the face of a deceased young woman the front of whose torso had been torn off in a road traffic accident and whose similarly defunct child lay on the road beside her. However, it does not haunt my dreams.

My reaction, after successfully keeping my lunch down, was to finish my work at the scene then return to my workplace and get on with what was expected of me. One must confess, however, that after 'knocking off', one had a few stiff drinks, as did this rather eloquent chap in London (language warning).

Thank goodness there were many more like him this week than like our barrister friend.

Jumping to the legal defence of criminals immediately after one has personally fallen victim to their criminality highlights a major aspect of the malaise afflicting liberal Western thinking.

Other recommended reading on such matters includes this incisive piece from Mark Steyn of The Daily Telegraph and observations from Mona Charen.

-- Nick

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