Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A must read from Aiden Hartley

Please do check out this fabulous op-ed piece which ran in The Australian newspaper on Monday. Mr Hartley makes some very salient points about the Live8 lovefest and its proposed efficacy for the poor and starving in Afria

Sourced from England's The Spectator -

A couple of tidbits:

"Africa's leaders cannot wait for the G8 leaders - hectored by rock star Bob and his Live 8 concerts into bracelet-wearing submission - to double aid and forgive the continent's debts.

"They know that such acts of generosity will finance their future purchases of very swish, customised Mercedes-Benz cars, while 315 million poor Africans stay without shoes and Western taxpayers get by with Hondas."


"Charities are ideological museums stuffed with socialists and anti-globalisation activists. They loathe private enterprise. I sometimes wonder if they would prefer to see Africans stay poor so that aid workers could carry on doing good works for them."

Well done, Nicky and I couldn't have said it better ourselves.

-- Nora

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