Saturday, July 09, 2005

Morning Assault

With much more significant events going on, it seems a little irrelevant to pass comment on as relatively insignificant a transgression as the one I am about to highlight. However, it caught my eye and one feels obliged to speak one's mind.

In contrast to the recent series of auto parts store Repco's TV commercials showing couples who actually support each others interests - much like Nora and me - a new commercial for Morning Fresh dishwasher detergent is somewhat depressing.

On discovering a chrome car part and a pre-metric spanner in the dishwasher, the Morning Fresh wife's response is to strike her husband fulsomely on the head with the aforementioned tool. The accompanying sound effect, though provided perhaps too much ring for a metal object tightly grasped being bludgeoned across a person's forehead, is a rather accurate aural represention of the on-screen action.

The response of the husband at receiving the blow is to blink and comment: "Fair enough."

Just a thought - would a modern advertising agency pitch a concept in which a husband petulantly struck his wife with a blunt object and the wife's reaction was to say it was her own fault? And would the manufacturers of the product have accepted it?

Not to labour the point (but I will), why is violence by women against men comedic and violence by men against women a crime?

-- Nick

And I thought it was nice to see a man confidently using a dishwasher...

-- Nora

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