Friday, July 29, 2005

The Odd Couple

We're feeling in a little bit of an odd mood here at The Thin Man Returns.

A round up of the world of bizzare reveals:

Wallabies takes team-building too far and consider cannibalism; fears held for prop Matt Dunning.

Hey, nice extractors wink, wink...

Kennedy questions Roberts on civil rights. We uphold Mary-Jo Kopeckne's rights.

Jesus, son of God, eats whatever he damn well pleases; Ray Chesterton is an idiot

After all of that, I think we need a drink.

Please join Nicky and I as we enjoy a 1960s cocktail and a weekend spent in the company of Mrs Peel and John Steed.


Champagne Cocktail
1 lump of sugar
angostura bitters
1 measure of brandy
small glass of cointreau or orange curacuo
1 bottle of champagne

Put a lump of sugar into which a good dash of agostura bitters has been shaken in the bottom of each glass. Then pour a small quantity of cointreau or curacao and brandy into each glass. And top up with well-chilled champagne. Actually we prefer non-French, genuine Australian 'sparkling wine'. Makes 6-8 cocktails.

Bottoms up!!

-- Nick and Nora

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