Monday, August 08, 2005

One Lump Or Two

We've had a delightful brunch with the charming Nilknarf and Anubis who offered kind words on our essay Multi Culty.

We encourage everyone to head over the Nilknarf's to read this poignant article by Maryam Namazie about Political Islam in the heart of secular Europe.

While I disagree with the notion put forward that to preserve human rights there must be a complete dereligionsation of society (my views I think are for a blog another day), the article articulates the human rights abuses suffered by women under Islam.

Also, check out Nilknarf's crafty way of making sure the 'right' message gets across to our politicians.

Deb, Nick and Nora Charles are right behind you.

Anubis shares he not-so-secret intelligence (Google maps) and finds the Iranian nuclear site. He may wish to let the United Nations know - I understand they're not that good at finding things...

-- Nora

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