Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The First Law of Newton

Life isn't as complicated as we like to believe. Regardless of our age, cultural background or our education, motivations for our actions are surprisingly simple.

Take terrorism for example. Islamic terrorists are nothing more than big school yard bullies - pathetic, sad creatures who are quite simply motivated by their misplaced and overinflated egos.

They are not poor misunderstood, disaffected miscreants who need our understanding. They need to be dealt with in the strongest possible terms.

The best lessons are the ones we learn second hand. I propose we adopt the model of great scientist Sir Isaac Newton.

When he [Newton] was last in the lowermost class but one, the boy next above him, as they were going to school, gave him a kick in the belly, which put him in a great deal of pain. When school was over, Newton challenged him to a fight, and they went into the churchyard. While they were fighting, the Master's son came out and encouraged them by clapping one on the back and winking at the other. Isaac Newton had the more spirit and resolution and beat him [the bully] till he would fight no more. Young Stokes [the Master's son] told Newton to treat him like a coward and rub his nose against the wall, and accordingly Newton pulled him along by the ears and thrust his face against the side of the church. Determined to beat him also at his books, by hard work he finally succeeded and then gradually rose to be first in the school.

History - it may be about dead white males but what a lesson it teaches. More please.

-- Nora

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