Monday, August 01, 2005

Never Let The Truth Stand In The Way Of A Good Story

Liz Jackson's performance on the ABC's MediaWatch with regard to Mark Steyn's Mugged By Reality piece was a somewhat predictable defence of the indefensible PC grail of multiculturalism.

When was the ABC last a place where you could witness anything but the adolescent posturing of the moonbats?

Obviously, Ms Jackson didn't feel it was sufficiently relevant to view Mr Steyn's website prior to recording/broadcast and report on his replies to several questions about the apparent inaccurancies regarding the Johnelle Bryant issue.

Instead, she used her report to mug Steyn, using the MSM's standard weapon of choice - say it ain't so often enough and everyone will believe you.

It appears Ms Jackson will continue to believe it ain't so right up until the moment an Islamofascist is sawing her head off. But even then, it's possible her last words will echo those of Theo van Gogh who pleaded with his killer: "Don't do it - we can still talk about this!"

-- Nick

What I found particularly interesting about Ms Jackson's rather lame attack on Mr Steyn was this bit:

And Mark, we'd also like to know what evidence you have for your claim that multiculturalists have:

...taken a relaxed view of the more, ah, robust forms of cultural diversity — Sydney gang rapes…

— The Australian, 25 July 2005

If it were true, we'd agree it's outrageous, but show us some 'where and when'.

Dear me Ms Jackson, you and your researchers have frolicked through Mark's column to grasp only the bits that offend you and ignore the rest. Selective quoting, tsk, tsk.

The keen multiculturalists are in the media, the ones that you are supposed to be holding to account.

But sadly, in the end for poor old Media Watch, technology again leaves the old girl behind. Ms Jackson and her 15 minutes of fame, just a poor old spinster who looks longingly at the fun and influence of her more hip, relevant blogging sisters.
Goodnight, I'm Nora Charles.

-- Nora

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