Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ain't Love Grand?

Being a romantic Australian and, dare I say it, Christian woman, I think marrige is a wonderful thing and not at all like the institution alluded to by the amusing Mr Marx (Groucho, not Karl).

However, an institution complete with straitjacket and padded cell it may be if you happened to be a Muslim woman according to a series of articles which started with a front page expose in yesterday's Australian.

Spiriting young teenage girls back 'home' to be wed to strangers or distant relatives without their prior knowledge and permission is abhorrent and has now been correctly recognised by the Federal Government as sex trafficking.

But as the likes of Liz Jackson blink uncomprehendingly and ask what's wrong with multiculturalism, the usual 'multiculti' solution is not to back the government and tell people to stop it but instead to ask for funding.

For what you may ask?

Local community groups said funding, rather than harsh punishments, was needed to tackle forced marriages and the broader issue of teenagers voluntarily leaving high schools to marry.

Strategies were needed to investigate the impact of, and reasons for, early marriages in Arabic-Australian and African-Australian communities, as well as more support services and education programs for families and their daughters, they said.

My taxes to tell people that forcing children into marriages and sexual relations is wrong? I don't think so.

No funding is needed for that, just a quick sharp application of the law in its full force.

-- Nora

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