Sunday, August 14, 2005

And Don't Get Me Started On All Those Global Warming 'Studies'...

I make no apology for the fact that some people are going to find the following post offensive. Suck it in, wimps.

Reported, rather predictably on the ABC, is yet another outrageous example of social engineering advocacy masquerading as serious academic research.

Study author Robb Willer, billed as ‘a PhD student in sociology at Cornell University’, asked:

Some 111 male and female undergraduate students at Cornell completed gender identity surveys, in which they rated themselves on a number of traditionally male and female traits such as assertiveness, forcefulness and yielding.

Mr Willer then gave the students random feedback, although the students believed the feedback was genuinely based on their survey responses.

Some men were told that their survey responses were indicative of a female identity and others were told the opposite.

The same was true for women, who were used as the comparison group.

Afterwards, Mr Willer asked the students to complete a survey that examined their attitudes about certain masculine concepts.

Men who were told that their initial survey responses were more feminine than masculine, tended to overcompensate for it in the second survey.

These men also reported more feelings of shame, guilt, upset and hostility than those whose masculinity was not threatened.

And what exactly is wrong with this response? Why shouldn’t a man be insulted to have his masculinity called into question? And why is any attempt to compensate somehow wrong?

Worse than simply being a shameless attempt to further the anti-heterosexual agenda rampant throughout PC adademia, it goes further:

The study shows men whose masculinity is challenged are more likely to support the Iraq war, exhibit homophobia or think about buying a four-wheel-drive car.

Thus, if you support the war in Iraq or drive a big car, you are homophobic. And don’t anyone think for one second of accusing me of making quite a leap there – that particular jump is all Mr Willer’s and is already currency among homosexual activists:

Gay Bashing Link with SUVs
A new study of Cornell undergraduates found that when men’s masculinity is challenged, they are more likely to engage in compensating behaviors such as acting more anti-gay, supporting the Iraq War, and showing more willingness to buy an SUV.

A Google search finds student Willer is a ‘doctoral candidate in sociology’. His page on the Cornell site reveals he has a track record of undertaking ‘research’ projects guaranteed to win headlines from the MSM and kudos from PC audiences

Forgive me for being cynical, but it seems a pretty good way to guarantee you get your doctorate and perhaps propel yourself on the way to a cushy professorial tenure is to grab a few headlines pushing the party line.

And the party line in most western universities today is decidedly left and includes all the usual suspects.

Thus the audience Mr Willer has to please to get his doctorate includes the university's LGBT alphabet soupers whose mission statement includes a desire ‘to eliminate heterosexism’, the recently constructed doctrine of gay prosletysation which argues against the concept of heterosexuality being the norm.

News flash: It bloody well is the norm.

We're here. We're straight. Get used to it.

-- Nick

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