Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Table For Two

Courier-Mail columnist Dr Karen Brooks latest column is headlined Why do we try so hard to be 'sexy'?

The answer to the question posed in Dr Brooks headline is quite simple.

In this day and age sex is seen as a commodity, not something freely shared between two people for their mutual enjoyment.

We're also supposed to celebrate sex and sexiness in public now - just look at the reaction by commenters in the Californication thread on as an example.

Unfortunately the result is a most miserable form of competition in which, for the purposes of being daring/shocking, misleads, diverts and eventually disillusions: "Why did he/she leave me? Was I not sexy enough?"

Sex appeal is not in the shape of the body, the volume of hair or in the clothes, or lack thereof. True sexiness is an attitude.

And when tailored and honed for that one special individual it's a much more lasting and enjoyable affair de coeur which just happens to include the body and the brains as well.

-- Nora

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