Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bring Back The Wagging Finger!

Western Australia State School Teachers Union vice-president Anne Gisborne notes:

... violence among young girls had been rising for five years and unruly students were getting younger... She said families' resistance to deal with out-of-control children meant behavioural problems went untreated and got worse when students left school.
Perhaps the behavioural problems start with overindulgent, paranoid parents depriving their infants (and themselves) of sleep:

The survey found that babies in the 1960s and '70s woke only twice in the night and took just 20 minutes to settle, whereas today's babies wake up at least three times a night and take 33 minutes to settle. Even getting them to sleep in the evening has become harder. It now takes 56 minutes compared to 28. This was attributed to methods used. In the old days, babies were put in their cots and left to drift off. These days parents cuddle their babies until they fall asleep.
Back in school, 'peak parent group' the WA Council of State School Organisations called for:

... more teacher powers to tackle violence.
and President Rob Fry said:

"We have to bring back some strong rules."

But wait:

"I'm not advocating bringing back the cane. But the department needs to somehow put in more support behind teachers so they know that they are protected when taking appropriate action."
Yes, they do, somehow, don't they?

-- Nick

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