Sunday, September 09, 2007

Journalist Attends Different March journalist Lincoln Archer sees 'A victory for the protesters' at Saturday's anti-everything APEC march:

The situation could have gotten ugly. The massively overwhelming police presence on the day could have been interpreted as intimidation and a red rag to a bull if people had been looking for trouble. But essentially there was no trouble. It was a peaceful protest.
Indeed - in the face of massive police provocation, it was a peaceful protest. No one went looking for trouble.

Must have been a different march to the one attended by NSW Chief Inspector Mark Death and Constable Michael Nolan:

A 40-year-old man threw a dart that lodged in a policeman's skull and swung wildly at other officers with a metal pole, striking one of them in the head, a Sydney court has heard. Gavin Begbie, of Pimlico in northern NSW, is facing a total of 13 charges arising out of demonstrations yesterday in Sydney against the APEC leaders' summit. He was one of 18 people arrested during the protests organised by the Stop Bush Coalition... The court was told both Insp Death and Const Nolan were taken to hospital. Const Nolan... required four stitches.
-- Nick

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