Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Climate Cop Out

It's hard to imagine anyone less qualified but more eager to voice an opinion on global warming than an actor but a cop gives it a go:

THE Federal Government has left Australia unprepared for global turmoil caused by climate change, which the nation's top police officer has called this century's greatest security risk, Labor said today. Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty said water and food shortages caused by global warming could have disastrous implications, particularly for border security.
Keelty continues:

"Even if only some, if not all, of this occurs, climate change is going to be the security issue of the 21st century. It's not difficult to see the policing implications that might arise in the not-too-distant future."
Actually, Micky-boy, this is the security issue of the 21st century but you're standing around with your eyes closed and hands over your ears muttering 'it's not real, it's not real...'.

-- Nick

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