Sunday, September 30, 2007

Go Home And Go To Bed

It's not often one finds oneself agreeing with the nannies of the Australian Medical Association but:

The Australian Medical Association Queensland has called for a blanket ban on any pubs opening before 10am. "Anyone who needs to start drinking that early in the morning would seem to have an alcohol-related problem and our view is that they should be seeking assistance," president-elect Dr Chris Davis said.
Not surprisingly, Davis' viewpoint on a a review of Queensland pub opening hours has drawn predictable reactions in comments from readers who trumpet the 24/7 nature of modern life and demand their right to a beer at 7am. There's also the standard:

Until Brisbane wakes up to the fact that the rest of the world is running 24/7 - it will never get the 'Worldly' recognition it is looking for.
Of course, the rest of the world does not run 24/7. Nightclubs in Los Angeles and many other 'worldly' places around the world close at 2am and no one has a problem with it.

One is a bit fed up with so-called 'adults' whinging like kids because they can't have everything they want at any time they want it while closing their eyes to the damage their demands for constant indulgence is causing:

"I'm not sure it can get much worse," said Mr Evans, describing the behaviour of people within city centres on Friday and Saturday nights... Government studies show that 44 per cent of violent crimes are alcohol-related and that 70 per cent of weekend hospital admissions are linked to drinking. [1]

VIOLENT crime in Scotland has risen by 40 per cent in a year, according to new figures published today. Most of the increase was due to an increase in "minor" assaults carried out by people under the influence of alcohol. [2]

Rapes and serious assaults will soar if pubs are allowed to open longer, said the Council of Her Majesty's Circuit Judges, which represents 600 judges. The judges' report stated: "Those who routinely see the consequences of drink-fuelled violence in offences of rape, grievous bodily harm and worse on a daily basis are in no doubt that an escalation of offences of this nature will inevitably be caused by the relaxation of liquor licensing which the government has now authorised." [3]
The latter cited article is well worth reading in full, containing the following quote that could as well apply to Australia as Britain:

Judge Charles Harris QC said... "Continental-style drinking requires continental-style people - people who sit quietly chatting away at cafe tables." He said British drinking involved "standing up, shouting at each other in crowded bars, trying to consume gallons of beer at a time".
-- Nick

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