Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Putting Away Childish Things

Powerful parenting advice from author Tony Woodlief in the Wall Street Journal:

While some mothers and fathers stubbornly cling to the utopian beliefs of their childless years, the vision of humans as inherently sinful and selfish resonates with many of us who are parents. Nobody who's stood between a toddler and the last cookie should still harbor a belief in the inherent virtue of mankind. An afternoon at the playground is apt to make one toss out the idealist Rousseau ("man is a compassionate and sensible being") in favor of the more realistic Hobbes ("all mankind [is in] a perpetual and restless desire for power").
Go. Read the whole thing.

If you're a parent you'll find it liberating. If you're contemplating parenthood you'll see a road map.

Hat tip: Hot Air

-- Nora

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