Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blow Up The Pokies

Kevin Rudd is such a good man, he's even willing to criticise his Labor buddies if he sees an injustice:

...has criticised state Labor governments for hurting Australian families with their over-reliance on poker machine taxes, vowing to come up with solutions to wean states off the addiction if he wins the federal election.
However, even News.com.au can't avoid the absolutely bleeding obvious:

Mr Rudd... as chief of staff to former Queensland premier Wayne Goss oversaw the introduction of poker machines in Queensland clubs from 1989
The state of Queensland is completely addicted to the drug Rudd pushed on us, yet he has the affrontery to say now:

"I hate poker machines and I know something of their impact on families."
Sure you know something about their impact, you were the pusher who sold them to us.

-- Nick

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