Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Public Enterprise

Whoever said public servants weren't an enterprising bunch?

A GROUP of senior RailCorp managers in New South Wales - including one who ran a prostitution service from Central Station headquarters - have been sacked for sexual harassment, pornography and other offences after a mammoth internal investigation.

One of the men, project officer Steven Slade, also used the office to run a Gosford escort agency - using a RailCorp fax machine to place advertisements for the service in the local paper.
It reminds one of the Canberran public servants quite a few years ago who saw a business opportunity in the arrival of the then new colour photocopier.

By the time they were discovered misusing the machines after hours, they'd built a $40,000 business supplying videotape case slicks to local pornographic film distributors.

-- Nick

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