Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Criminals Responsible For Crime

Britain's Telegraph reports that massive law and order spending is not reducing crime:

Britain spends more of its national wealth on law and order than any other industrialised country yet still has a higher crime rate than most, new figures show.
Maybe it's because the cash is being spent on vital law and order operations such as:

Police camera crew keeps tabs on (fox) hunt... Two officers, leaning from a window, used a hand-held video camera to film the gathering. The meeting, like hundreds of others, passed without incident but Wiltshire police insisted that the filming was standard practice in case things got "out of hand".
...and selling useless programs like Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, of which:

47 per cent.. are breached
Labour's 'respect tsar', Louise Casey, isn't surprised at the rate at which Government's flagship crime measure is failing. She knows the reason why:

She said they were dealing with criminal groups of people. "The figures very clearly show that kids who are breaching Asbos are breaching everything else as well. "It is not the failure of the Asbo, it is the failure of getting the offending behaviour of that young person under control."
But the Asbo fails to modify the offending behaviour so, by definition, the Asbo is a failure. It's simple logic.

Oh, yeah. Labour...

-- Nick

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