Monday, December 25, 2006

Like Father...

Terry Hicks, father of Gitmo terror suspect David Hicks, is a lot like his son - he wants to overturn the Australian government:

... planning a major advertising campaign targeting key Liberal-held seats in the lead-up to next year's federal election. Terry Hicks has been told his campaign - which would focus on the Howard Government's human rights record - could influence 3 per cent of voters at the next election.
At least he wishes to do it by democratic means. However, Mr Hicks may also be as dangerously naive as his son:

...he told The Advertiser there were a number of financial backers who would support the campaign. "It's quite incredible the amount of people out there that all of a sudden if you want to do something say 'don't worry about finances we will look after that'," Mr Hicks... said. "There's people out there who are concerned and are prepared to help you."
Yes, they range from the pink Greens and red Socialist Alliance to al-Qaida.

Meanwhile, Poppa Hicks sobs:

... Christmas was one of the hardest days of the year, exacerbated this year by a decision by David not to accept a phone call from him less than a week ago... Mr Hicks hoped David was fed turkey for Christmas Day and treated well - even if it was for just one day this year.
Your son converted to Islam, dickhead. What's Christmas?

-- Nick

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