Saturday, December 23, 2006

If Not This, Then...

The Australian headlines it (asininely):

A short life that ended in a wheelie bin
Make that short, nasty and brutal. And it can be educed from the words of the victim herself:

My name is stacey... I love me alochol...
Before she was beaten to death with a brick and her body dumped in a bin by two other teenage girls, Stacey Mitchell revealed on MySpace a life already doomed to waste. Boozing hard at 16 - "i'm a party gurl", as she put it - her future was dim under any circumstances.

Detective Inspector Jeff Ellis said:

... he was shocked by the Lathlain killing. "It's surprising. It's not common for women to carry out such acts. Statistically speaking, one would not expect a woman to be the perpetrator of such a crime," he said.
Where the heck have you been the past few years, DI Ellis?

Neighbours had already learned to how to cope with the loud, violent noise that regularly emanated from the Perth death house and it wasn't to call the cops:

"My husband and I bought a home theatre system so we could turn it up loud and not hear them," she said.

-- Nick

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