Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Grip Needed

Five years after their daughter's accidental death:

THE parents of a teenager who died after her hair became caught in a spa pump are bitterly disappointed a coroner has ruled that no one should be charged over the tragedy...

Since when has revenge - 'someone's got to pay for this' - been an appropriate form of closure? The lead excuse given in these types of tragic circumstances is generally 'to make sure this doesn't happen again'. And the coroner has tried to achieve that:

...deputy Queensland coroner Ray Rinaudo... did make a series of recommendations to try to prevent a repeat of the accident. His recommendations include that all public spa operators install an emergency stop button and alarm, erect signage warnings and ensure children are supervised at all times.
The coroner's court is the most liberal in the land, often creating headaches for the Director of Public Prosecutions whose office has to be much more conservative and realistic about the chances of sustaining charges.

With even the coroner's court finding no reason to charge anyone in 13-year-old Amanda Boyce's death, would her parents really feel any better if someone went to jail?

One doubts it.

-- Nick

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