Monday, May 01, 2006

Virtual Immunity

An otherwise perfectly normal and very good friend of our acquaintance suffers a dreadful affliction - she is addicted to Big Brother.

The salacious peep show is now is its sixth season and, because we have been over to dinner at our friend's home twice in the past week, we have seen the show twice - which is twice more than we've ever seen in the previous five years.

Additionally, it's hard to miss the prominence being given to the program by News Ltd on its web site and throughout its newspapers. No surprise there - it was, after all, Rupert Murdoch who invented the Page Three Girl.

The general fuss over contestant David Graham, the homosexual farmer who chose to 'come out' on national television, does not go unnoticed.

Neither does the fact that he failed tonight to garner a single vote for eviction from his 'housemates'.

Prediction - Graham will remain virtually immune from eviction until well into the season.

Reason - woe betide the contestant who picks the gay to go.

Better anything than face the certain wrath of slavishly conforming housemates and viewers alike who are certain to instantly accuse anyone - especially a male - of gay bashing.

-- Nick

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