Thursday, May 25, 2006

Strummer Dumber

It took decades and probably billions of dollars around the world to turn drink-driving from a dangerous regular habit to a socially unacceptable practice.

But former Australian Crawl guitarist Simon Binks has managed to turn the tide:

...Binks has been awarded $330,000 by a Sydney court after suffering brain damage in a car accident.

Binks was almost three times over the drink-driving limit when he hit a power pole in his Mercedes-Benz in July 1995.

He sued North Sydney Council in the NSW Supreme Court for negligence, claiming the council was liable for the crash because road works in the vicinity were not properly lit or sign-posted.

Justice Clifton Hoeben today found in his favour, saying the council had breached its duty of care.

"The combination of the configuration of the road works with the inadequate signage created a confusing and ambiguous situation," he said. "Confusion in the mind of a motorist could lead to serious injury or death."
So could too much booze.


Binks, 49, claimed the accident left him brain damaged and unable to make a normal living.
The guy was frickin' rock musician. Normal living?

-- Nick

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