Saturday, May 27, 2006

Child Abuse

First the lunatics took over the asylum.

Now they're taking over childcare centres:

A COUNCIL-run childcare centre is teaching toddlers that gay, lesbian and "transgender" parents are normal in a bid to "challenge the perception" of young children about sexuality. The Tillman Park Children's Centre in Tempe - which receives council and government funding - has devised the gay-friendly curriculum for children aged six weeks to six years.

Marrickville Mayor Sam Byrne said the centre had "successfully adopted several strategies to encompass lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and inter-sex issues". These included ensuring images were reflective of "diverse families" and "actively affirming the identity of lesbian and gay families". He said the centre challenged "children's perception of what is 'normal' gender and sexual identity".

The centre uses controversial Learn to Include books, which feature Jed and his Dads and The Rainbow Cubby House.
The push to turn a pathology into normality is explained further:

Psychologist Lorraine Corne said yesterday it is essential the concept of gay and lesbians was introduced to young children in a proper way.

"You would introduce the concept like you would introduce the concept of sex," she said. "It would be done at a level that they understand. It could be as simple as some people have a father and a mother and some people have two mothers and some have two fathers.
Ms Corne must have become a psychologist because she flunked medicine. You can only have one mother and one father. You can, however, have a mother or father with a pathology who chooses to live with a similarly pathological co-dependent, much in the same way addicts are attracted to one another so they can share their disorder.

"It would have to be put in a very simplistic way otherwise it is beyond their comprehension and it would go above their heads," Ms Corne said.
Because they're six weeks to six years old.

Think about it. Ms Corne and the Mayor of Marickville is advocating brainwashing pre-schoolers into thinking a mental disorder is normal.

It's something that has been going on for years, ever since the American Psychiatric Association allowed itself to be bullied and pressured into toeing the line:

Homosexual militants achieved a significant victory in 1973 when they succeeded in terrorizing the American Psychiatric Association (APA) into removing homosexuality as a mental disorder from the APA’s Diagnostic And Statistical Manual On Mental Disorders (DSM). Homosexuals had lobbied the APA since 1971 and began disrupting APA meetings, grabbing microphones and shouting down any psychiatrist who considered homosexuality to be a mental disorder. The tactics of 60s anti-war protesters worked. The APA caved and homosexuals have used this victory to proclaim that homosexual behavior is normal.
The APA gave way after many earlier years of shonky studies supported by the fledgling homosexual lobby, including the Kinsey Report and Evelyn Hooker's 1957 The Adjustment of the Male Overt Homosexual:

...the most frequently cited scientific source for the argument that homosexuality is not a pathology, that homosexuals are as free from mental disorder as heterosexuals.

Such assertions have not only found their way into standard psychology textbooks but have also provided a scientific basis for decisions in major court cases involving the legality of state sodomy laws and prohibitions against homosexual employment in certain state and local agencies (e.g., schools, police departments). Indeed, when the American Psychiatric Association debated the issue of homosexuality in 1973, Evelyn Hooker's work was Exhibit A for those who wanted to remove homosexuality from the group's list of mental disorders.

For many commentators and activists, the Hooker study effectively ended the debate over whether or not homosexuals were in any way abnormal in their relationships with each other and with the community at large. Today many Americans have accepted the idea that homosexuality is "normal" and "healthy" without realizing that such an opinion is derived in large measure from a single study -- one conducted by a UCLA professor whose previous laboratory subjects had been rats.
The fraudulant Alfred Kinsey was also unqualified for his task - he was a zoologist, specialising in the gall wasp.

Both Kinsey and Hooker deliberately selected homosexuals to take part in their studies, Kinsey by trawling Los Angeles gay bars and extensively interviewing child sexual molestors while ostensibly sampling a random cross-section of society, and Hooker, also actively moving among the LA homosexual community, by seeking to:

...prove that homosexuals could function as normal human beings. As she herself said, "How could my hypothesis have been anything else? I'd seen these men and saw nothing psychopathological in their behavior."
Meanwhile, back at The Tillman Park Children's Centre:

Marika Kontellis, whose three-year-old daughter Jasmin attends the centre, said although she was in a heterosexual relationship she had no issue with the material being taught. She said she could understand how some families might find the topics confronting or uncomfortable "but for us it is important to know that families come in different shapes and sizes and that's okay and that's good".

-- Nick

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