Sunday, May 28, 2006

No Soup For You

Michael Schumacher has pulled one stunt too many:

...dramatically stripped of pole position and banished to last on the grid for tonight's (AEST) Monaco Formula One Grand Prix. The FIA, motor racing's world governing body, said in a statement that the seven-time world champion had deliberately stopped his car on the track at the penultimate Rascasse corner in the closing seconds of qualifying, preventing rivals from setting a faster time.
I've never really had much time for the arrogant Schumacher, no matter how good a driver he's supposed to be. Neither has Jacques Villeneuve:

"It is unacceptable. It shows that every time in the past that he has done something like that and people have given him the benefit of the doubt – that makes it obvious."
I was going to toast Schumacher with this cocktail (warning - adult language) - but Nora won't let me.

So may I suggest:


2 oz tequila
6 oz limeade
1 slice lime

Combine tequila, limeade and ice in a highball glass. Squeeze lime juice from the slice into mixture and then drop the rind in the glass as well. Stir and serve.
Serve in "Highball Glass "
also from

-- Nick

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