Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Release The Hounds, Kill The Monster

Brisbane's Courier Mail whips up a baying mob to sell newspapers and page views:

Pedophile in top Queensland Health job as more failed checks on public servants revealed (by) Alison Sandy and Josh Robertson From: The Courier-Mail December 21, 2011 12:00AM
... and not only reveals his work unit and position but also names the man who

... was convicted in the Brisbane District Court in 1994 and sentenced to 18 months jail, of which he served six, for indecently dealing with a child under 16.
The man was convicted almost 20 years ago and the story admits - several paragraphs in - that Queensland Health were aware of his conviction, that he appears to have been a problem-free employee for 11 years, has not reoffended and that his case had been examined and cleared by the CMC. Furthermore, he does not have any contact with children in his work.

Besides, what exactly did this man do 18 years ago? How old was he at the time? The Courier Mail isn't saying though it surely knows.

But the newspaper and its 'journalists' eagerly whip up the slavering knee-jerkers who believe that certain classes of offender should be punished first by the law in court, secondly by other criminals in prison and thirdly by them on the street with mobs and 'vigils', and who show their bared teeth and drooling mouths in comments.

However, scattered among them are those who 'get it'. From just the first page of comments:

Michelle of Mt Gravatt Posted at 12:33 AM Today
So? He probably does a great job. He also has zero contact with children. Besides I'd lay bets that peadophiles (you dont need a conviction to be classed as one) work for the Courier Mail and many other media vehicles who make a buck from this hysteria to. More scaremongering and sensationalising from a bored media outlet desperate for some explosive news events. Thanks..

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Disgusted in our media Posted at 4:00 AM Today
What a terrible witch hunt you've embarked on here Courier Mail. Without any context at all you have now marked this man with a huge red "P". Shame on you. If he isn't dealing with children, isn't in a role that requires a blue card, and his situation is being monitored and has been advised on by the CMC, what possible harm can he do? Again, shame on you. People who have served their time can be rehabilitated, can be productive members of society and deserve to be given the chance. I think this is the last straw. I've had enough of the filth and propoganda published on an almost daily basis. I'm finished with the Courier.

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ST of Bris Posted at 5:55 AM Today
No chance of going striaght in this state, I urge all public servants to check wardrobe for any skeletons as the CM is on the hunt

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Unsure of the correlation Posted at 5:59 AM Today
So the guy committed a crime, served his time, and has not re-affended. In addition, he disclosed his record to his employer and is in a position which is not in direct contact with kids anyway. I'd say this is a good news story for the State's penal rehabilitation system. Bad form CM.

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Sharon Posted at 6:04 AM Today
The media is disgusting Mr Austin has done his time ,he is getting on with his life and helping others .This is witch hunt by the media shame on the CM shame .

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Moral Crusader Posted at 6:14 AM Today
I think your tabloid style reporting and fear mongering is treading a fine line here CM, particularly by naming the bloke. The idea behind our justice system, as frail as it is, is that a person is convicted and sentenced and when they finished that sentence, considered to have paid they're debt to society. The cirumstances of his crime are not known and nor should they.

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Gleemonex Posted at 6:45 AM Today
Nice work Courier Mail! For cheap political point scoring and your daily vendetta against Queensland Health, you have exposed someone's almost 20 year old criminal conviction, despite your story indicating that Queensland Health was well and truly aware of this employee's past. This is not news. And, was there any need to name this person? Even better, why are you promoting a public website for people to find the details, including a picture? Anything to satisfy the uneducated, angry masses baying for political blood, right!? No, just poor, trashy, tabloid journalism yet again from the Courier Mail. I hope you get sued for loss of income and damages as no doubt this article will cause.

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Callie of Bundy Posted at 7:01 AM Today
Sick to death of the Courier Mail and this type of gutter journalism. Mr Austin has served his time and is now a productive person helping those in need . But the Courier Mail would rather conduct a witch hunt . I certainly hope hope the whistle blower gets what they deserve.

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Get tougher on crime of Brisbane Posted at 7:04 AM Today
Conviction 1994, judged and sentenced, did the crime, did the time. At what point is he free to move on with his life. Sounds like the whisle blower may be a disgruntle employee or internal Govt employee seeking to further damage the govt.

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Brian Posted at 7:06 AM Today
Witch hunt by this disgusting rag the Courier Mail. Alison Sandy and Josh Robertson you missed the pedophiles under the rocks and behind those bushes. Congratulations on destroying a person who has done their time and is now helping mentally ill people in need.

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Barry of Brisbane Posted at 7:08 AM Today
I hope the whistle blower get what she deserves , this person was jailed and did his time, he now help others in need , what a great lot we are ,the media should be ashamed of itself.

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Labor Dude of LaborLand Posted at 7:32 AM Today
This guy makes a mistake 20 odd years ago pays for his crime doesn't seem to have re-offended and you want to make a story of it. Should have just shot him back then and be done with it. I'm sure if you went through the CM employee list you'd find a few shady characters in there as well. Keep digging though, I'm sure you'll find a cleaner who ran a red light back in the 80's.

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Alice H of Kedron Posted at 7:39 AM Today
If this man was to have direct interaction with children, the law requires he hold a Blue Card. Since he's not in contact with children he doesn't need a Blue Card, a fact confirmed by the independant watchdog, the CMC. The man's conviction was in 1994 - 17 years ago. Is it responsible for this newspaper to publically name this person after so much time has passed and no further laws have been broken? Is it in the public interest? I doubt it. Is it in the selfish interest of boosting newspaper sales? You'd better believe it!

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Windsor Neighbour of Kelvin Grove Posted at 7:45 AM Today
So the CM wish to ruin a person life who has obviously learnt from their mistake and has now demonstrated over a number of years they con contribute to society in a productive way. The position is not dealing directly with children so what's the problem?

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Ironic of Brisbane Posted at 8:21 AM Today
It would be interesting to see how many Couriermail journalists would be left to write stories if News Ltd did police background checks?

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It would be interesting indeed.

Perhaps it's time to start introducing the pot to the kettle and outing journalists for their sins.

There must be plenty of people out there who know of journalists who have, say, just for argument's sake, been 'spoken to' by the police regarding having had sexual intercourse with a 15 year old girl.

Which could be very alike 'indecently dealing with a child under 16'.

Only worse.

-- Nick

Postscript: No link to the Courier Mail story so as not to compound the newspaper's offence.

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