Thursday, December 22, 2011

Better Late Than Never

THE federal government will work with Nauru to re-establish offshore processing, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says.
It's only taken hundreds of deaths over the past three years to restore a little commonsense.

So much for 'compassion'. Hundreds of men, women and children needlessly dead because of the Labor-Green Government decision to create uncertainly and ambiguity in our immigration system.

At least this is the beginning. Perhaps the reintroduction of the temporary protection visas and turning the boats away will also be part of the mix. We can only hope.

Kudos to Robert Manne who can admit that he was wrong in congratulating the Rudd Government on abolishing Howard's Pacific Solution.

Yet how many lives might have been saved had those on the left and the soft hearted, but easily manipulated general public thought about this issue logically and with a real world focus?

-- Nora

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