Friday, December 16, 2011

Christopher Hitchens

The world has lost a great writer today. Christopher Hitchens succumbed to oesphogeal cancer.

His influential work God Is Not Great [i]is[/i] a revelation, not for Hitchens musings on Christianity and theology (which are flawed), but what they revealed about Hitchens himself.

While I'd disagree strongly with Hitchen's view on Christianity, his insight on politics, culture and the human condition were always involving and fascinating.

His openness and candor during his terrible illness was searingly honest and sometimes uncomfortable to read and I hope is greatest legacy is not his atheistic writings, but his later works written during his illness.

These are the works that should be compulsory reading - for those who have a terminal illness and for those whose loved one is serious ill.

He will be sadly missed.

-- Nora

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