Saturday, November 17, 2007

Not Playing The Race Card

Everyone knows it's not racist if it's whites you're attacking:

Maori nationalists called on the government in Wellington to limit the number of migrants from Britain. They accused the government of running a secret campaign to prevent the "browning of New Zealand" by encouraging large numbers of white immigrants so that they outnumber those of Pacific and Asian origin who would align themselves with the Maori minority...

Tariana Turia, the founder and co-leader of the Maori Party which holds four seats in parliament, said: "What we are talking about is the number of people coming into this country and what that means for Maori political representation. The prediction is that we are going to see a considerable browning of New Zealand with Maori, Pacific islanders and Asians, and maybe this is the way the government combats it.

"We aren't playing the race card because we are not talking about Asian immigration." (Emphasis added)
-- Nick

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