Saturday, November 17, 2007

Foto Fun

Sometimes it's not so bad getting stopped at traffic lights. It gives one a chance to snap a gem like this:

Public Edukayshun, Australia's Fewcher

One of the ubiquitous Australian Education Union signs spruiking 'Public Education, Australia's Future' was affixed to a fence further along the road. If only it had been close enough to get in shot, the irony would have been complete. As it is, one had to make do with insetting a copy.

Click for a larger size - and if you don't get it, perhaps you went to a public school.

Then there's Kev, snapped at the Melbourne Cup, pretending to be a genuine bloke:

Kevin Rudd (left) and a blow-up sex doll

... but really only demonstrating his expected future role with the unions.

-- Nick

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