Saturday, November 17, 2007

1972 Redux

Not all journalists have their eyes closed to the disaster of a looming Rudd Government.

The Courier-Mail's Des Houghton knows.

And remembers.

Democracy will be quietly dispensed with in favour of rule by a distant bureaucratic tyranny.

Rudd says he will set up no fewer than 67 taskforces, committees and departments, plus 96 policy review teams. This will create an immense and overpowering government sustained by a parasitic class of government employees.

Industry and individual effort will be stifled.

Rudd showed us his style as the director-general of cabinet in the Goss Labor government.

Even cabinet ministers were prevented from speaking unless they had clearance from Kevin.
Does anyone have the sense that Kevin Rudd will be another Gough Whitlam? (And the comparison is not meant kindly)

-- Nora

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