Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bottom Of The Barrel

Left-leaning types are quick to accuse conservatives of 'dog whistling' - the use of 'seemingly innocuous words to convey sinister purposes' - and they're sure conservative voters are stupid enough to fall for this evil mind-control:

Dr Hamilton said words and phrases commonly used in dog-whistling included "Australian values", "the thought police", "the black armband view of history", "practical reconciliation", "border protection" and "be alert, but not alarmed". All are among Prime Minister John Howard's favoured language to appeal to his so-called battlers.
Well, here's an example of dog whistling from the left - from the mainstream media - that really takes the cake.

It's the use of a foreign rape victim in an attempt to influence domestic politics by whipping up anti-government sentiment just prior to the Federal election:

Politicians have refused to stand up for a gang rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes in Saudi Arabia... The US and Australian governments have effectively abandoned the woman, who was raped 14 times by seven men.

The Australian Government has... failed to make any official statement. A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed to that Minister Alexander Downer has not made a formal comment on the affair.

The politicians’ silence doesn’t stop us from speaking out for her. Today we are collecting your comments and views in a petition that we will present to the Saudi embassy in Canberra.

Please post your comments below, with your full name and address.
And, having been whistled, the dogs have come running in comments:

"Why the Government is not responding is beyond me. May be they are too busy with the elections."

"Shame on you Australia"

"What is wrong with our Government."

"This is a disgrace. I find it appalling that my own government could say nothing!"
The story is not new and the Australian media is only covering it here as a follow-up to the US media using it to bash Bush.

-- Nick

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