Monday, August 13, 2007

No News Is Good News

AFTER 28 years of over-the-top headlines, stories of Elvis sightings and insider reports that members of the US Congress were aliens, the Weekly World News tabloid is folding.

Launched in 1979, the Weekly World News modestly touted itself as "the world's only reliable newspaper"...

...But it all came grinding to a halt when WWN's publisher, American Media Inc, announced in a short statement that the tabloid, Bat Boy and all, would roll off the presses for the last time on August 27, although an online version would continue.

No reason was given for the closure of what US television network ABC described as the "magnificently trashy supermarket tabloid", although falling readership and advertising revenues are strongly suspected.

I have another theory - the Weekly World News couldn't compete with the mainstream media which has made enormous inroads into WWN's domain of trashy tabloid reporting.

-- Nora

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